You love us, you hate us, you read us!

One thing that we've learned time after time is that Fork Fans are vocal. We love that, even when you disagree with us because, last time we checked, we're living in a freaking democracy and everybody deserves a voice, dammit!

With that in mind, we got some goooooood letters this week from all y'all, and we thought we'd engage in a little response action. Maybe this will shed some light on things, maybe this will just piss you off more—who knows. We just want everyone to know that we read everything you send our way all the way through (some of you know that because you've heard from us or you've been in an edition of The Fork before), and we appreciate you engaging. We'll never reveal our super-secret identity, but we still feel close to you, so here we go—some letters and answers. We'll talk about food later, too, like we always do.

"Seriously? One of the three best chefs in town cooks at The Club at Las Campanas?  How could 99% of your readers know since we are unable to enjoy his preparations?  Who is doing this voting, anyway?"

So asks Forknatic Sharon E (who should really start an E Street Band cover band), and we think this is a ripe opportunity to dispel some rumors about Best of Santa Fe, so here goes: Best of Santa Fe has been around longer than most everyone remembers, and its voting process comes in two parts: the part where we open up nominations in February and the part where we put he top six nominations on a final ballot for which voting lasts the entire month of May. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you wish for more up-to-the-minute info on those things as they gear up and/or are happening.

Dairy, schmairy!
"Not sure if The Fork knew about Sunset Swirl dairy-free ice cream over yonder where La Lecheria used to be near Ikonic? Just had a coconutty deliciously chocolatey big ol' scoop. They have "shells", too like, that I think harden on the dairy free treat."

So writes Forkefean Shannon L (who should really be in the business of recommending things, because daaaaaaaaang, Sunset Swirl is tight.) Turns out vegans can sometimes be onto something good, and before anyone flips out about La Lecheria, it still exists on Marcy Street. 

Tap them toes!
"Catching up on unread emails, clicked your link to see Jeremy Lin singing his Green Chile song on YouTube. Even better, see "Chile Verde Rock." In my opinion, this is a must for you to include in a Fork article for others to enjoy.  Descriptive lyrics tell the story & the music gets ya' tapping your toes … or even up & dancing!"

Alright, Akal K—you got it:

Eat it, Fork!
"The article you dig by Ryan Hughley is nothing but PC claptrap. How dare awful white people open eateries in historically Black neighborhoods often remodeling historic buildings and creating employment and tax revenue. Better to keep all that economic activity in the white burbs amiright. And nice to know our food blogger not only doesn't eat meat but also can't stand that weird stuff called pasta. Keep going and we can all look forward to reviews of carrots and broccoli exclusively every week. At least this week as far as I can discern you managed to go an entire edition without reminding us yet again The Chew is vegetarian. Kudos for that!"

OK, so Bob M is clearly bummed on us, and that's fine, that's his right. The piece to which he refers was good reading, we thought—something to get us thinking. We'd def point out that we talk about meat kind of a lot (like the recent news that Santa Fe Bite is returning), and that we get letters from vegans and vegetarians who don't like when we do that, so … guess we're just a jerk. To Bob's credit, though, he also offered up the following:

Oh my gosh I am cranky today. I will try to provide some offsetting positive comments in the future.  But hey I did like the Norway fruit in a bag thing. We could all stand to be more like Norway in a lot of ways.

Word, Bob, we appreciate that. If you missed it last week, the Norway thing he's talking about is in reference to this Norwegian custom of bagging up excess fruit from one's fruit trees and hanging it on one's fence for hungry passers-by. Whether or not you're cranky, Bob, we appreciate you reaching out. We get cranky, too.

There were a few more things about Best of Santa Fe and how we're a jerk, but we don't wanna give up everything all at once. We hope y'all will keep writing, though, because it's fun and we don't mind getting down with everyone. We actually really like it.


-In the print edition of SFR this week, find a sad but fascinating read about the food desert/food swamp issues facing the Southside of Santa Fe. It's a complex issue to be sure, but our new-ish reporter Katherine Lewin (who comes to SFR via a Report For America grant) breaks it down.

-We're now probably a little in love with reader Karen W who wrote to tell us about the Albuquerque Area Extension Master Gardener's 13th Annual Albuquerque Tomato Fiesta. Try to say that … even one time fast. Says Karen, it's "an opportunity to taste and compare heirloom varieties of tomatoes, an opportunity to buy a genuine Master Gardener taste tested tomato cookbook, along with our Down to Earth book about gardening in central New Mexico. Jazz from the Alpha Blue Trio, kids activities, produce and craft vendors. $5 per person. Kids under 12 free." Yowza, now you know!

-Ever heard of the Zia Hatch Chile Company? If not, you probably will soon, as the Hatch-based chile champs will soon be available in Whole Foods stores across the country. Ba-doom! Chalk one up for New Mexico, go to hell, Colorado! Sorry to harp on this, but it's just plain better, the end. Huge congrats to Zia Hatch Chile Company!

-An update from our buds at Edible New Mexico and their Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown (which heads to its final and most tasty round on Sept. 7 at The Bridge @Santa FeBrewing Co. Of the 15 contenders from around the state—which included local haunts like the Violet Crown Cinema, La Casa Sena, Market Steer Steakhouse and others—a final seven will be announced this Friday Aug. 9. Just so you know. So you can get tickets. We'd also point out, this particular item is all about that meat, that mean, no salad; it's all about that meat, 'bout that meat, no salad. This has been The Fork, your guide to the world of über-topical jokes.

-If, like Joe Camel, you're super into hanging around jazz clubs, the Santa Fe School of Cooking has an upcoming series of events you might like, namely, select evenings wherein the institution—which turns 30 this year, btw—plans to morph seamlessly into Dave's Jazz Bistro, a combination restaurant/jazz … bistro. Up first on Saturday Aug. 31, find the Eddie Daniels Jazz Quartet performing around 6:30 pm. "We need more info, The Fork!" your brain just screamed. Try here.

More Tidbits

-Pumpkins, schmumpkins, says to carve you a creepy pineapple this year for both uniqueness points and weirdness points. Pineapple (which belongs on pizza, no question) is also much easier to eat than pumpkin guts, so … yeah.

-Ruh-roh—turns out way more of us may be allergic to sesame than science originally thought. According to NPR, roughly 1.6 million Americans may be hurting themselves when they ingest them little seeds on bagels and in sushi and stuff. Drag.

-You may have heard that Americans eating less meat has been a good thing for the environment, but what does that actually look like? HuffPost took a look into that very thing. The Fork doesn't believe any one thing is a silver bullet (except for a silver bullet) and, like most things, that independent research and a willingness to evolve one's opinion are paramount to a healthy lifestyle. Word? Word. Anyway, do what you will, folks.

-BREAKING: Oreo Krispie Treats are a very real thing, and you need to know that right this second. Stay alive.

-What on Earth is Slutty Vegan? It's a pretty awesome vegan joint in Atlanta and, according to CNN, it's super fun. We also would like to point out that the Donald Glover program Atlanta is awesome, so—score a couple for the Georgia metropolis.

-You've probably also heard a lot about reusable straws and how by cutting that little plastic tube out of your routine is good for the oceans or the turtles or the oceans AND the turtles. While we'd point out that a vast majority of plastic in the oceans is actually fishing nets, it can't ever really hurt to ditch single-use plastics. Lucky for you, Food & Wine has compiled a guide to the best reusable straws out there. Huzzah! But it's not all roses and you need to be careful—a woman in England died earlier this year after being impaled by a reusable straw.

-We'll close this week with pesto, specifically a recipe from the fine folks at, who say this version is so good, they just keep on eating like they're that one dude from the move Se7en (which, we learned, is not pronounced "Se-seven-en," and is, rather, pronounced "Seven"). Anyway, here's that link.


In the print edition of SFR, bakery aficionado Zibby Wilder visited Revolution Bakery, Santa Fe’s favorite (and only) gluten-free bakery. There are soooo many things happening!
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Most Helpful Tip of the Week (not edited for content)
“There’s a lot of places with good chile in Albuquerque.”
*Word? Special thanks does go to reader Don who, unlike this person, suggested some places. We’ll hopefully get into those soon!

Actually Helpful Tip
“I like Whoo’s.
*This person is really, REALLY into Whoo’s.
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