You Needn't Meat!
Like most vegetarians, The Fork feels we aren't living our best life without constantly reminding everyone that we don't eat meat. But this week, rather than just point out how that makes us a better person than everyone else, we thought we'd run down a list of our favorite veggie burgers from around town (including a special RIP to one you can't get anymore).

The important thing to remember about veggie burgers is that they're not just for the meat-free. In fact, they're pretty good for everyone. The key is to try and understand you're not replicating the taste of meat, you're simply filling the void for a bun-based food item that comes in patty form. Right? Right. So let's go!

Violet Crown
This one easily tops our list for one important reason—it's slightly crispy around the edges. Why is this a big deal? Because! Naw, but for real, it's a big deal because veggie burgers have been known to feel kind of … gross. The squishy ones that fall apart are a real drag, but this one, made in-house with rice and grains, not only stays together, it tastes great!

Second Street Brewery (both Railyard and Rufina)
While the Railyard iteration of everyone's favorite rail trail-based brewery and restaurant is one of those Garden Burgers you know and love, there's something about pairing it with their sweet potato waffle fries and a nice Kolsch that we just can't get over. Meanwhile, down on Rufina Street, the black bean-based veggie burger has a zip to it we shan't soon forget. Stick with the same fry-and-beer combo for maximum results. Weirdly, these items don't seem to appear on the menus, but they've got 'em—we promise. Bonus: The portabella mushroom burger from the Rufina Taproom (literally a marinated portabella cap served up burger-style) is also kickass.

Dr. Field Goods
Another black bean burger that our partner once flipped out so intensely over that we were pretty sure she wasn't OK for, like, weeks after. "When are we gonna get that veggie burger again?!?!?" she'd scream at us. All we could say was "Soon, probably!" Dr. Field Goods knows what to do is all we're saying.

Root 66 Vegan Food Truck
The Impossible Burger (which is available in a few places around town) is only as good as the folks making it, and Root 66 Food Truck's commitment to making vegan food more edible than most of us think it could ever be is apparent with their inclusion of mushrooms and fake cheese. Will you be tricked? Probably not—but it's still damn good.

Bert's Burger Bowl, RIP
We know Bert's hasn't been around for a million years, but for those who ever ordered their veggie burger with American cheese and green chile, this one's for you. Seriously, we miss this veggie burger almost every day. Like right now, for example.

As always, hit us up with your suggestions for the best veggie-B. Heck, if you make your own, let The Fork know how to do that!

Here's how to make eight different veggie burgers at home! EIGHT! Plus, look at those Buzzfeed-esque sticker things all up in there. Means it's hip.

New Mexico Restaurant Week is coming up fast! How fast? FAST! From Friday Feb. 22 through Sunday March 3, the 10th annual celebration of all things restaurant is going down, and we can only assume it'll be the best thing to happen to anyone anywhere ever! Of course, Albuquerque and Taos have their own versions, but we all know who's king.

-According to our sources, the Crackin' Crab that moved into the old Five Star Burger location near De Vargas Mall is—get this—gone already. Yikes. We can't say we're wildly surprised (people don't like the idea of non-fresh seafood in a landlocked state, though we'll point out that in this day and age pretty much all fish is frozen on the dang boat shortly after being caught). Regardless, always sad to lose an eatery and we wish their fans luck in working out something else.

-According to some other sources, the Pollo Asado food truck (that's the one in the Cheeks parking lot, but take it easy before you cast aspersions and judgements!) is apparently under new ownership, and we hear the quality has improved. Keeping in mind that that place was pretty great before, this is astounding and might make us go back to meat. Naw, just kidding—don't write us letters, angry vegans and vegetarians!

Edible Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Taos will henceforth be known as Edible New Mexico. In other words, they're rebranding and going statewide, baby! That means more stories for you and more food news for all and fewer words for their cover! We know we'll be watching closely.

-For those who wrote asking, Chile Toreado can be found at 805 Early St. We've heard reports about closures at times you'd assume they'd be open, but give 'em a break while they transition to their new location. Then get that hot dog with the bacon on it.

More Tidbits
-SFR's sister paper, Willamette Week, has a pretty fun piece about trends that Portland, Oregon-based baristas hope die in 2019. Weird mugs and oat milk are pretty high on the list. You know who you are.

-If you're the snap shots of your food like anyone cares type, has tips from the pros. Spoiler: getting an actual camera might help, but there are certainly lenses that snap right onto smartphones.

-We found what looks to be an AMAZING falafel recipe over at, and we're pretty excited to guilt our partner into making it. We like 'em a little crispy, how about you?

-A bluefin tuna was sold at auction at Japan's Tsujiki Fish Market for 333.6 million yen (that's, like, 3 million American bux) to the owner of a very fancy sushi restaurant. Critics have said even that exorbitant price tag might not be enough given the bluefin's waning existence in the seas (is there a joke to be found with the sea and the word "wane?" Probably). Anyway, the guy who bought it said maybe he paid too much, but that's life in the fast lane. We're paraphrasing.

-WARNING: DON'T CLICK THIS LINK IF YOU DON'T WANNA SEE A SCARY PHOTO! Turns out that humans have helped cultivate over 200 species of tiny grain weevils simply by storing grains and stuff. Life, uh, finds a way? Whatever … We're bummed.

-Everybody's favorite screaming British chef Gordon Ramsay is under fire this week for a resurfaced 2010 Tonight Show clip wherein he repeatedly makes weird comments and initiates uninvited touching upon actress Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. At one point in the video, Vergara even says, "This man doesn't respect me," in Spanish, but Ramsay keeps on being weird. Some internet folk have said it's about fun jokes while other people who are definitely right say Ramsay went too far.

So there you have it. In the print edition of this week's SFR, our new and intrepid food columnist Zibby Wilder finds out why there are so many damn shapes when it comes to wine glasses, and there's lots more coming, too!

A Totally Scientific Breakdown of The Fork's Correspondence 

Number of Letters Receieved
*So many concerned about Chile Toreado.

Most Helpful Tip of the Week 
“Your keto hatred is lame and uninformed.”
*We don’t hate keto—we like making jokes. We might hate unicorn cakes, though.

Actually Helpful Tip
The one about where Chile Toreado is.
*Close call!

Anyway—see ya!
The Fork