A Smattering

You've probably noticed that The Fork tends to stick to a routine in these missives—a sort of template thing wherein we try to train you to expect the same layout and sections again and again. We're going to deviate from that just a smidge this week because we feel it's important to exercise different brain wrinkles from time to time.

Don't freak, though, because we'll generally stick to the formula (a lot of you have told us it's really working for you, and that makes us feel nice) … most times, anyway.

So let's pose a question: What are the places around Santa Fe that you really believe are underrated? Many readers will drop a line to say something like, "If you think That Place is good, you should really try This Place." And we like that because, again, something about brain wrinkles.

Let's take, for example, the recent newsletter wherein some readers expressed concern over Santa Fe Bite being named the Best Burger in town in our 2018 Best of Santa Fe reader's poll. Many disagreed, offering instead local joints where the burger was less appreciated but no less good. Someone mentioned Baja Tacos (one of our favorite places to get a brekkie b around here), which The Fork mentioned to a local foodservice pal who, upon trying said burger, reported that yes—it was very good, and he might otherwise never have thought to try it.

So let's all work together to help each other try new things. Then you can try to take photos of said things and The Fork will share. If snapping pics of your meals is not for you, drop a line to thefork@sfreporter.com and tell us about your experience and we'll share that. Let's all agree to at least try to try new things. That's how The Fork has known we love hummus for the last 15 years. Hell, when we first moved to Santa Fe more than 20 years ago, we HATED chile, and now we eat it pretty much always even if it does hurt us since we're old and tired now.



-You may recall that we mentioned Blue Corn Brewery's head beer guy Paul Mallory was recently the recipient of a highly-coveted award for IPAs. The good news keeps coming, too, as the restaurant has announced they'll be hosting a celebratory four-course meal with beer pairings for Mr. Mallory at 7 pm on Wednesday Aug. 22. Sample drafts like the pomegranate gose and oatmeal stout are served alongside food choices such as shrimp tempura, duck confit, special salads and desserts. At $45, it's a little spendy, but this is a celebration, dammit! Visit the site or call 438-1800 for reservations.

-Speaking of celebrations of drink, the second Annual Taos Summer Wine Festival kicks off tomorrow at the Taos Ski Valley. Gah! There's more info here, but word on the street is that it's gonna be so fuuuuuuuuuun. That's, like, 6 extra Us worth of fun!

-Have we reminded you about the 2018 Green Chile Cheeseburger Smackdown yet? We have? Good, but we'll remind you again as we can think of no event more perfect for New Mexicans than one wherein the best green chile cheeseburgers from around the state are all served under one roof. It's on Saturday Sept. 8; get your special tasting tickets here.

-With both Indian Market and We are the Seeds kicking off this week, we felt it important to remind everyone of one important detail from outside the no-doubt incredible visual arts soon to be on display—THE FOOD! One of the best parts of these Indigenous arts markets are the stands and trucks that show up with things like Navajo tacos, fry bread (we hear Seeds may have fry bread hot dogs this year) and more. We love that living in Santa Fe means we get these culturally significant arts events. We also love that most of them come with killer food. Hope to see some of you out and about during these things (though you'd never know it was us because you still don't know who we are).

More Tidbits

-Your damn kids finally went back to school so you can breathe for two seconds during the day? Congratulations! And before you start sending us letters about how your kids are amazing and you love them so much and you actually struggle when they're not in the house after the summer is over, just stop! Stop and read this handy guide on after school snacks from The Food Network. They're a whole network devoted to food, so …

-The Fork's partner has been non-stop watching this Netflix show called Sugar Rush lately. In this show, teams of bakers, ummm, bake … stuff. And judges judge the stuff. It's great for fans of shows wherein people make treats that look like crazy shit you wouldn't expect to come in treat form.

-We still prefer the also-Netflix show Nailed It (and so does The New Yorker), a program wherein amateur bakers simply can't make the complicated things they're supposed to. It's soooo funny and host Nicole Byer is a national treasure. See below for what we're talkin' about.

-Meanwhile, over at tasteofhome.com, find some of the most popular dishes from our state (apparently) like buttery shrimp (what?) and white bean chicken chili (huh?). To think we never ever knew these were famous dishes from here. We'll give them a pass for including posole and Frito pie.

-Even though we think it's weird that the thing meatless meat companies are focusing on lately is that their meatless meat bleeds (how is this a selling point to vegetarians and vegans?), we must admit that Beyond Burgers are REALLY working in our house right now. We've heard iffy reports on whether vegans can eat them because of the chemical makeup (we're not scientists and it's OK for you to research what you're gonna eat outside of The Fork's weekly offerings), but if you ever wanted to know more, do it here.

-Lastly, at vinepair.com—a site dedicated to booze and stuff—10 sommeliers are asked why they love Italian wine. This should be helpful not just for budding oenophiles, but also to shut up your smug wine friends who act all high and mighty about everything. Side note: Did you know SFR's food writer Mary Francis Cheeseman is a certified sommelier? Yup. She is. And she's awesome. Find her writing right here. Oh! And if you want her to look into anything, let The Fork know and we'll pass it along.


Let us speak of new Fork reader Sam who caught our Edgar Allan Poe jokes in last week’s edition and has the desire to debate (in a friendly way) the merits of boarding up or burying rude restaurant customers. Obviously The Fork does not condone violence in any way, but we know beyond a possible doubt that foodservice employees have enacted intricate fantasies about what they might do to terrible customers if only they’d never be caught. Rage on, dear readers.

A Totally Scientific Breakdown of The Fork’s Correspondence

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Most Helpful Tip of the Week (not edited for content)
“I’ll be deleting this email soon, just so you know.”

Actually Helpful Tip
From the reader who suggests visiting bars during non-peak hours to get that Cheers feeling. We couldn’t agree more (and admit that we’ve been like Norm on more than a few occasions in more than a few bars). Note that you may need to spearhead any potential adventures—don’t just wait for the bartender to let you in on their former major league career or enlist you to pull a prank on those Gary’s Olde Town Tavern chumps.

In regular issue of SFR news, find info about how downtown workers and livers can rejoice as The Beestro has opened for real inside the Plaza Galeria. The menu has been totally revamped, too, for a decidedly more Mediterranean bent. Go forth and falafel—you can also order online through the above link.

Keep it forky,
The Fork

PS: We miss you, Gary Oldman!