Oh hi, Fork fans. It's me/us—The Fork, and we're here with all the food, um, good … ness that you've come to love and expect from me/us. It's a holiday week—which is pretty cool because we might even finagle a day off up in there if we're lucky—and it's a Fork Day, the most important holiday of all. We hope your Fourth was awesome, we hope you're feeling good, we hope you're ready to delve into some information about what this year's apparent food trends really say about you (if you engage with them, of course).

For our criteria, we're using food website foodee's Top Summertime Food Trends forecast because it's both handy and because that's just what we're doing.


As the world turns its back on meat more and more, plant-based diets are apparently all the rage with people who like to eat—but what does this really say about you? It says you might just spend your time reminding everyone you're vegan, hurting your cause repeatedly with never-ending and insufferable shares and admonishment doled out into an echo chamber of your own making. Will your friends roll your eyes? You bet! The health benefits are obviously myriad, but that's not accounting for people who're tired of hearing about it.


People snapping shots of their meals isn't particularly new, but as we head into the height of summer, so too do we snap photos of everything we're eating. But what does this really say about you? Well, it probably says something about how weird it is that most food publications and websites seem to have anointed the rustic wooden table as background for all food pics, but it also says you're trying to prove something to the people in your life about how interesting you are. Just visit The Fork's Instagram to see how interesting WE are. Studies have been done about this phenomenon, too, in case you were wondering.


Rose petals and lavender and, like, elderflower and stuff—summertime means cramming growable edibles into your drinks and recipes and stuff. But what does this say about you? Nothing outside of you like things that taste good. Flowers are cool, and versatile in the kitchen. Head to Food & Wine for the 101 course on cooking with edible flowers. And while you're at it, whip up a batch of this refreshing, flower infused water.

What’s the Heck’s a Nootropic?

In the most simplified terms, it's what we call "brain food" or "superfood," and there's a whole website dedicated to such things. But what does it say about you? Well, probably that you were pretty into Dr. Mario, but also that you want to take care of that brain of yours. We're talking nuts and coffee and fish—and we're wondering if some kind of coffee-rubbed salmon with a nut crust would be pretty good. Probably. In fact, here's a recipe for one now (that you could probably add nuts to, if you were so inclined).

Lattes—Yeah, Lattes

Oh, zam, more coffee, but we hear it's even better for you if you're jazzing it up with things like turmeric, beets or Blue Majik, an algae-derived substance that's good for, ummm, you. But what does it say about you? It says you just don't know how to leave good enough alone, y'know? Like, coffee was doing just fine before matcha came along, y'know? Just … OK?!

OK, that was an intense intro, so let's just use this video to calm down.


-The newest newsletter from the Santa Fe Master Gardeners Association is here, and it turns out that everyone's favorite New Mexican, Georgia O'Keeffe, was pretty into gardening. We've said it before and we'll say it again, these people (the SFMGA) are worth following. Do that here.

Edible New Mexico took a look at new-ish eatery Dolina and its owner/pastry champion Annamaria O'Brien this week. Have you suckers been over there? You should go.

-We hear there's a new place to eat and quaff over in the Plaza del Sol on St. Michael's Drive called Sagche's Coffee House. Score another one for that side of town—the first score of the week, of course, being the news that the Center for Contemporary Arts is taking over The Screen.

-Speaking of new coffee houses, Iconik Coffee Roasters has a new location at Guadalupe Street and Agua Fría. You can read all about it in this week's paper and plan your next coffee outing.

-Sad as we are that readers took our obvious jokes about Fourth of July seriously, we thought we'd give you a couple local options for picking up some grilling meat this summer. Really, for now, it's just two places: Kaune's and Dr. Field Goods Butcher. We might have included Whole Foods, but we know it's not technically local and we're scared of making you mad right now. Anyway, eat at Dr. Field Goods while your'e there. Serio.

More Tidbits

-Bad news from across the pond where a carbon dioxide shortage has apparently left the British Isles to contend with beer and crumpet shortages. God, no!

-To soften that blow, be aware that Guinness is set to open its first American brewery in 60-ish years with plans for a sprawling Baltimore location. We like it warm, you guys.

-Meanwhile, in super-gross news, a competitive eater has tips for how to wreck oneself with hot dogs in the shortest time possible. We at The Fork miss hot dogs desperately (and look forward to your "You know they're gross, right?!" emails) and feel this person isn't showing them the respect they deserve.

-If it helps you feel better about climate change (which is real), we hear the world's wine makers are taking steps to adapt to worsening conditions so that we may have wine as the world burns around us. There's a joke about Nero in there, but The Fork is here to talk food, not Roman history.
Aw, screw it—here's a little history courtesy of PBS and Robert Graves. You're welcome.

-For Rosé Watch 2018: We saw a six-pack of rosé in little bottles at Whole Foods the other day. Just so you all know.

-It looks like restaurants have a bigger role to play in how we perceive and enjoy food than we thought. And here you were going around thinking you had self-born opinions and preferences. Ha!

-And lastly, in news that is sure to bum everyone out, it seems that nonstick chemicals (y’know, like Teflon) may make flipping them pancakes and grilling them cheese sandwiches easier, but they’re not so good for us. File that under “Oh yeah, it’s obvious now that we think about it,” and adjust accordingly. Olive oil, for example. Or butter.


We’re begging you to forgive us for the non-local meat suggestion, especially the Fork reader who was apparently driven to illness just thinking about Omaha Steaks. They suggest the Kansas City Steak Company. Take that, Omaha! We’re also curious about where your favorite coffee shop is now that we have soooooo many local options. Not that we didn’t always, just that it seems like there are more than ever.

A Totally Scientific Breakdown of The Fork’s Correspondence

Number of Letters Receieved
17 (c’mon, guys!)

Most Helpful Tip of the Week (not edited for content)
“Why would you do this to me?” (note, we don’t know what THIS is)

Actually Helpful Tip
“I missed the chance to opine on one of my favorite snacks, the veggie chip, or it’s other iteration, the veggie stick.” (note, we like those veggie chips)

Number of Emails TELLING us That BBQ Truck is great
One of our favorite readers Tony tells us that that truck we were talking about last week is called The Smoke Shack and is AMAZING and its owner’s name is Michael Baker. Again, it’s at the corner of Cerrillos and St. Mike’s. Enjoy.

Hey—visit sfreporter.com/food for our latest, and hold with you the knowledge that we’re doing it for you.

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