Did all you all Forkefeans know that us SFR hotheads just published our annual Santa Fe Manual? Well, we did. And there's a lot of good stuff in there, from shopping, arts, don't-miss events and—get this—an intensely helpful guide to all of the local happy hours we could find. It's worth reading the whole thing, but let's take a look at some of the coolest ones.

La Boca
From 3-5 pm every day, La Boca does half-off certain wines, sangrias, sherry and tapas. If drinking sangria in the afternoon doesn't say summer, we don't know what does.

Il Piatto
The Marcy Street eatery actually does happy hour twice every day—once from 4:30-6 pm and again from 9-10:30 pm. At either of these glorious gatherings find half-off appetizers (like the calamari) and portions of pasta and half-off glasses of wine. Yowza!

Low 'n Slow Lowrider Bar
From the sanctioned lowrider parking out front to the $5 well drinks and house wine, $4 beers and $6 margs, this downtown hotspot has it all—plus they ALSO do happy hour twice daily from 4-6 pm and 9 pm-close. Say what?!

The Ranch House
Setting aside the barbecue situation for just a second, from 4-6 pm The Ranch House kicks off $5 house margaritas, $4 box wine (there's no stigma anymore, or shouldn't be), a buck off draft beers and select apps for just $5. Sold!

Where do you friends like to drink it up (for cheaper than regularly) during the summer? Have any favorite patios? What're your food and drink plans? Hit us up and say hi!


-We heard tell that Arroyo Vino has a sale through Saturday May 12 wherein the more bottles of wine you buy from their wine shop, the higher the percentage off you'll get. 1-5 bottles comes with 10 percent off, 6-11 comes with 15 percent off and 12 or more bottles nets you 20 percent off. Woah!

-The fine folks at Rowley Farmhouse Ales told us they're working on making their patio a whole lot nicer, including a permanent roof. We love this patio (and the food and beer), but if you do, too, remember that it'll be temporarily closed—starting May 7 for just about a week, so sometime next week they should be up and running again.

-You know the old Whole Foods at St. Francis and Cordova? It's gaining new life in the form of Natural Grocers, which is really great news for people like The Fork because it's right by our house. Where is our house, exactly? Nice try, people who'd come to murder The Fork. You'll have to catch us at the new Natural Grocers location.

-The Fork has seen it a million times—people think, "I love eating, I'll just start a food business!" Well, it's not that easy! Lucky for you, though, there's help—but it's this evening at 5:30 pm, so you'll have to hurry. The Santa Fe Business Incubator hosts a panel of food pros who want to help you start a food business. For more info, click here.


Before we go further, don't forget that it's Mother's Day this Sunday May 13. Now, we'd never assume anyone has a great relationship with their mother, nor do we wish to make those who either don't have or have lost their mothers feel badly. Everyone can regard the holiday as they wilt. Having said that, if you do plan on doing stuff with mom, consider this your reminder.

More Tidbits

-Have you heard of the documentary series The Heat? It's pretty awesome and all about how women in the culinary world are changing things up. For more on that, check this writeup from eater.com

-Speaking of neat ladies, Food & Wine put together a list of six women working the whiskey field who are worth watching. All we're saying is, it made us thirsty—despite that summer we spent drinking so much Maker's Mark we almost died.

-Meanwhile, in why-has-this-happened?! news, there's now a truffle hot sauce out there "ingeniously" called Truff. We're not sure about this. In fact, we're gonna just vote no.

-While we're still on truffles, though, did you catch this video last month of Conan O'Brien searching for truffles in the Italian countryside? Look, we're not against them, but we're also kind of like, "They're pretty good…??"

-Do you remember Don Gorske from the documentary Super Size Me? He was the guy who ate Big Macs all the damn time. Welp, Gorsky recently ate his 30,000th Big Mac. Yikes. He's so thin, too! If The Fork eats a piece of pie now and then, we basically blow up.

-The Beard Awards (like food's version of The Oscars) went down this week with Seattle's JuneBaby picking up the coveted Best New Restaurant Award. Chef Edouardo Jordan is the first African-American to win the honor. In fact, 11 of the 15 winners this year were people of color, women or both. Spanish chef Josef Andre (he's got Michelin stars, baby) won the Humanitarian Award for his work feeding the citizens of Puerto Rico.

-Lastly, at that bastion of the damned that is the IHOP in Kansas City, some jerk waiter included the N-word on a customer's receipt. Not that you needed more of a reason not to go, but this is a pretty damn good one.


We’re still kind of on the lookout for sugar-free desserts for our bud Tony, who know tells us that Baskin Robbins seems to be as good as it gets for him. We can do better. Maybe you have some cool recipes? We also had a reader who tried to get to the bottom of who The Fork actually is. Well, wouldn’t you like to know?! No dice, dear reader—we’re like a superhero. A lazy, lazy superhero.

We also got some letters from readers looking forward to the new Natural Grocers, some stalwart Jimmy Buffet fans and a reminder that pizza is still (weeks later) the great unifier. We also got word that the Margarita Trail is pretty fun stuff, so long as you don’t try to get a marg with chile in it. This particular reader’s tip? Try the one at the Eldorado Hotel’s Agave bar. They call it a “smooth, heavenly margarita.” Olé!

Number of letters received


Number of those we cared about
We liked hearing about pizza again.

Most helpful tip of the week (not edited for content)
“Who the Fork is and why?”

Actually helpful tip of the week
“Keep it going, Fork.”

Number of times y’all ALMOST made The Fork Cry
No times! You’re learning to love The Fork as a person!

Number of readers who stuck up for Jimmy Buffett
Just one this time, but it was still a pretty positive email.

As for the cold treats, only one person had something to say, but it was full of obscenities, so suffice to say, we hope that reader doesn’t have to live life so upset about popsicles forever.

As always, drop us a line and tell us how we can help you.

The Fork