First, The Fork's partner got sick (and we mean sick) and then The Fork started feeling weird. Then SFR staffers started dropping like flies and sicking it up. Then we started to learn of friends who weren't well—a massive outbreak! A conspiracy? Or just that time of the year? Something to do with the weird hot/cold weather? Possibly. But the virus is spreading and at least a few people you know are probably down with the sickness. But how can The Fork help? What might we do?

Here's what: CROWDSOURCE!

We reached out to people we know to see what they do when they're sick and hungry, and we got some super-duper-good suggestions for things to do. Por ejemplo:

Our pal Carlos was like, "Illness will never be the same since Back Street Bistro closed." And we were like, "Shut up, Carlos! This isn't helping!" But that's when a number of our pals stepped up with their love of Pho Kim (919 Alameda St., 820-6777). The Fork is recently off meat, as you may have heard, but suggestions of beef pho sounded good to us. Thank goodness there's a veggie version, too.

Another friend suggested we hit up El Parasol (1833 Cerrillos Road, 955-8015) for some green chile stew. We like that plan and love Parasol's version. Note that The Shed/La Choza both have killer green chile stew as well.

One of our favorite humans in town, Bess (from the Coe Foundation!) pointed out that Ramblin' Café (1420 Second St., 989-1272) has some of the spiciest (and therefore best for illness) green chile in town. "It will burn all the sickness out of you," she says.

Other ideas included Saigon Café (501 Cordova Road, 988-4951), Verde Juice, miso soup (we like Kohnami; 313 S Guadalupe St., 984-2002) and a whole lotta broth, but we wonder what you do when you're sick but not so sick that you aren't gonna eat. Hit us up.

But maybe leaving the house sounds like the worst idea ever. Not to worry, chicken broth really is a magic cure-all, and it's not that hard to make at home. Next time you bring home a rotisserie chicken for dinner, save those bones. Or you can start off with chicken wings. Toss them in your slow cooker with a quartered onion, a couple of garlic gloves, two chunked-up carrots and two celery stalks. If you have some parsley, thyme or bay leaves throw those in there too, along with a palm full of salt and half as much peppercorns. Cover the whole thing with water, and let it do its thing on low all day. Strain off all the solids, and you'll be left with homemade chicken stock that you can enjoy right now, or turn into a soup. You'll be feeling better in no time.


-We hear that Santa Fe Restaurant Week was a "smashing success." Nice work, everyone. Have y'all noticed that we're this tiny town but our food options are outta this world?

-While we usually wouldn't send you fine folks to a direct competitor's site, Molly Boyle at Pasatiempo (from The Santa Fe New Mexican) really nailed it with this-here review of a book about cheese, and we're all about credit where credit is due (like how some of you probably call breakfast burritos "Brekkie Bs" now and then tell people where you got that from—The Fork!)

-Can we talk about Annapurna's World Vegetarian Café (1620 St. Michael's Drive, 988-9688) for a sec? The Fork's partner had some kind of soup there, the name of which we both forget, but that was apparently really great. Can it be that a place we've derided as hippie nonsense is good? We'll find out and let you know. And don't worry about sending us that angry letter that states you love Annapurna's … we already know you do.

Coyote Café (132 W Water St., 983-1615) recently unveiled a pretty swanky remodel, which you can read about in the regular edition of SFR this week. It's still fancy and beautiful, we still regard it as that place where we had the best green chile mac and cheese of our lives. Oh! And their Rooftop Cantina is now open all year. We may have mentioned that before, but it bears repeating.

-We're pretty pumped on an upcoming four-course beer dinner from the folks at Blue Corn Café & Brewery on Thursday, March 1 (that's tonight!). There are multiple things to eat and multiple pairings and, since we've always been a pretty big fan of their head brewer, Paul Mallory, probably a pretty good time. Make your $45 rezzies by calling 438-1800.

-That new Chick-Fil-A that's going up (2400 Cerrillos Road) is apparently hiring, like, 100 people in full and part-time positions. Just saying.

More Tidbits

-Apparently, the future of restaurants has something to do with termite protein and protein created by robots. Sure, we thought of that movie Snowpiercer, but we're also OK with robot food.

-Over on food website Eater, the truth about tips comes out. Were you aware that the practice is rooted in slavery? Were you also aware that it's ultimately weird for businesses to have worked out a way for their customers, who already pay exorbitant amounts for food (like, c'mon, pasta is such a ripoff), to pay their staff? Think about it. Did you think about it? Good. It's weird.

-The president of a Pennsylvania meat company found himself in hot water for embezzling and selling misbranded meat this week. It's a tale as old as time: Don't not tell people about the beef hearts in that beef you're selling.

-Meanwhile, during Rosé Watch '18, there's now a hybrid rosé-cider that will surely appeal to any number of people in college and those with drinking problems. If you just thought "It must be Angry Orchard!" to yourself, you thought right. The craziest thing? You just know someone out there is gonna be like, "Finally!"

-A documentary about Flamin' Hot Cheetos is apparently happening, but we're more concerned with how those things seem to make kids sick. That isn't particularly new news (the Cheeto-propelled sickness), but a problem that seemingly persists. Also, Flamin' Hot Cheetos are gross.

Szechuan Sauce is back at McDonald's, but Rick and Morty fans are still jerks.


Fork reader Debbie joins our other ride-or-die forker Tony in wondering where the hell all the sugar-free desserts (with two Ss) are around here. “We have looked all over town,” she says. Anyone? C’mon! We can do this!

Reader JC let us in on a little secret about Costco and their carrying “breakthrough vegan burgers.” We assume this has something to do with them tasting kind of like meat. One way or another, we’ll find out (The Fork’s partner LOVES Costco).

We’re a little worried about Fork recipient Angela who responded to last week’s newsletter about (belated) Chinese New Year with two hashtags (#righttobeararms, #MAGA) and a link to infowars. Ummm … thanks? But, more to the point: No thanks.

So what else you got, Forkefeans? As always, get at us and say hi!

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