Roll ‘Em Up

So there we were—a post-Thanksgiving morning and a mad desire for brunch made difficult by recent overeating and the constant "I dunno. Where do you wanna eat?" conversations we all know and have so often. Eventually, however, two simple words won the day: breakfast burrito. So simple, so awesome, so readily available throughout the town. We'd love to know what your favorites are, but here's the places we've gone for our Brekkie Bs (which, yes, are a proper noun) of late:

The New Baking Co. (504 W Cordova Road, 557-6435) is always a great standby, especially since the ownership changed and the quality of the food went up. We prefer Christmas for our Brekkie B chile needs, but if we were forced to choose, we'd say go red. No chile runs $6.50 and you can smother that thing for just $2 more.

New York Deli (420 Catron St., 982-8900) has two locations, one downtown and one on the Southside. We like the downtown once beause it's right by the office, but daaaaaayaaaaaaam they got a fine-ass Brekkie B. Dubbed the Brooklyn Breakfast Burrito ($9.95), they put hash browns inside, so … y'know, you tell us.

Baja Tacos (2621 Cerrillos Road, 471-8762) also nails the whole hash browns thing and is a great stop when you're in a hurry and in the Cerrillos Road vicinity and want a $5 burrito. Try also the bacon roll ($4.50) if you're a meat fan.

Betterday (Solana Center, 905 W Alameda St., 780-8059) has one that is stuffed full of juicy meat and eggs and potatoes ($7.95 with meat, $6.45 without) and it's hefty and mmm we're hungry again. The red chile was really mild at a recent sojourn, too, so this is a good choice for folks who love burritos but aren't into burning their mouth at 10 am. Or ever.

We're still looking for others, especially in out-of-the-way places. Email us at with your tips.

More Tidbits

-We feel a little silly talking about it again, but y'all should know that season 4 of The Great British Baking Show is on Netflix now. You're welcome. We would eat some of those cakes and pastries is all we're saying. OK, we're also saying we like how the general tone of the contestants is to be kind to one another. Stupid America and your surly reality show contestants!

-Do you like balsamic vinegar? So do the folks at Monticello Traditional Aceto Balsamico . Thus, they've partnered with Los Poblanos in Albuquerque for a tasting dinner with Chef Jonathan Perno who we hear shall curate a special pairing menu featuring—and yes, this is a thing—"rare balsamic vinegar with flavors of the Rio Grande corridor." We like to dip pizza in the stuff, so the $150 price tag may be a bit steep for us, we think those who can afford it should totally go and then tell us about it.

-We're grammin' and we hope you like grammin' too, by which we obviously mean The Fork is now Instagram literate (mostly) and can be followed by clicking here . We're snapping shots of things we eat and make and like (such as chips or this one English muffin that rocked our faces off). We also cordially invite you to tag your own IG pics with #SFRfoodies. We're watching and we might do something with said photos at some point—then you'd be as marginally and fleetingly internet famous as you've always wanted!

-The fight rages on at our house over corn tortillas v. whole wheat. The Fork thinks whole wheat tortillas are wack and made only for people who feel they must punish themselves by limiting their food options (or at least wish to live a long and full life). What do y'all do at your house?

-We heard about a recent gathering of badasses Rose McGowan, Anabella Sciorra and Asia Argento at a meal cooked by Anthony Bourdain. We love that. Bourdain, of course, might be known to most Santa Feans as the guy who dared to besmirch the good name of a dime store's lunch counter Frito pie , but he's also been pretty vocal about how men need to do better in regards to how they treat women. We like him and would eat his food any day.

Also …

Our winter guide is grooving up slowly (on Dec. 6), and while it isn't as food-centric as our Restaurant Guide (obviously), there's still some good stuff in there. Pick that up inside the regular print edition of SFR on Wednesday.

Since we're talking about guides, here's a link to another piece from the aforementioned Restaurant Guide, this time in the form of some of our very favorite local restaurants—25 of them to be exact. These are the places that we, as people who rarely cook at home because we're usually working so much, like to go. May it help you in your travels.


We had all these big plans to feature recipes regularly, and that was a notion we quickly ditched this week during our 30th leftover T-Day sandwich. Sorry about that, but we'll try hard to feature them more often. If you get The Fork each week, you surely remember last time's biscochito recipe. If not, you can find it on our website here .

We were pretty excited to get a response to where kids like to eat from Fork reader who identified herself only as Nana, who tells us her grandkids like to hit up Maria's (555 Cordova Road, 983-7929) and the Plaza Café Southside (3466 Zafarano Drive, 424-0755). We love the idea that someone's grandkids love chile, though no ages were specified so who knows if they're adults or what. Either way, may this knowledge help you when you're dealing with your kid's kids.

As for this week's question, we're gearing up for Christmas (some of us), and are curious about your holiday traditions. For example, at The Fork's house, we've always done those British cracker things that come with toys and paper crowns and the like…y'know, because we're snobby. What do you get going? Let us know at and we'll otherwise see you next week.