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Let's FORK!

Presented by CCA, the Street Food Institute, and the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute, the free event celebrates Santa Fe's unrivaled love of great food, local agriculture and world-class cinema. There will be food samples from a cooking demonstration by local chefs or farmers, tours of Muñoz Waxman Gallery, presentations from community partners, affordable meals from the Street Food Institute and Kebab Caravan, and two free screenings designed for food lovers and families.

The featured speaker, Don Bustos, and food demo chef, Chef Michelle Chavez, will both be addressing the importance of heirloom and land race varieties as we work to maintain a vast diversity of vegetables in our gardens and on our tables.

Food trucks featured include the Street Food Institute, Kebab Caravan and Freezie Fresh. Axle Contemporary will be on hand with their latest art show. The movies for this event are My Neighbor Totoro and Food Evolution.

WHEN: 5-9 pm Wednesday Aug. 2
WHERE: Center for Contemporary Arts, 1050 Old Pecos Trail, 982-1338

A light week. I just learned that Pete's Frites shut down their food truck. And with Bang Bite's conspicuous absence I'm starting to wonder if the food truck fad never really found a hold here in Santa Fe. Thoughts? Do you truck? What's your favorite?

Have a great week,

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