Paper Dosa

Jou Godfrey
Jou Godfrey | Jou Godfrey

Indian food doesn’t have to be a pile of indistinguishable mush, and the whole concept of assembling your own dosa proves that it can also be fun as an evening of DIY if you go to the right restaurant. Located just a door down from Maria’s, Paper Dosa couldn’t be a more opposite approach to City Different dining. Order a dosa, of course, and be treated to a paper-thin, Indian-style crepe that’s so big there’s no way it fits on the plate. Can’t choose? Try the traditional masala, potatoes blended with turmeric, caramelized onions, red chile, mustard seeds and cashews ($10). Each comes with two housemade chutneys, a mint-green coconut concoction and a tomato basil rendition, along with a cup of spicy lentil soup. A definite don’t-miss on the menu is the onion pakora, fried onions and jalapeños served with an eggplant sauce ($8). And as you’re wondering whether you’ll need one or two Tums on the way home, calm down your gut with Rasmalai ($5), a fresh cheese dessert drenched in sweet cream with rosewater and cardamom. Nom.

-Julie Ann Grimm

551 W Cordova Road, 930-5521
Dinner Tuesday-Sunday


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