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Counter Culture Café

With service of all three meals nearly every day in its bustling community room and on two outdoor patios, including under a shade structure in the front, eating here is a low-key, cash-only affair that gives you time to contemplate a constantly changing decorative scheme featuring local artists. Yet the grub is far from simple. Veggie frittatas ($10) and fried egg sandwiches ($5.50) are breakfast musts, alongside endless urns of coffee, if you can manage to get through the checkout line without picking up a cinnamon roll the size of your face (available only on Wednesdays and weekends). A slab of portobello between two slices of focaccia joins other lunch offerings that can be paired with a tasty salad (blessedly absent iceberg lettuce) or a cup of the spicy Thai coconut salmon soup that keeps diners returning week after week. And the shifting dinner menu, sadly not available on Sundays or Mondays, which can include craft bottled beer or a selection of wine, offers dishes from the grill such as skin-on rainbow trout ($13.25), served with a dill cream sauce and crispy potato croquette.

-Julie Ann Grimm

930 Baca St., 995-1105
Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily


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