Hankering for something sweet after all those chimis? Here are some toothsome options for just five bucks and under:

Gelato shake $4.85

With a Willy Wonka assortment of housemande gelatos—ranging from stracciatella to whiskey cream—Ecco is the place to satiate your sweet thirst. Try the gelato shake, a 16-ounce monument to all things liquid good. Cheers, Augustus!

105 E Marcy St., 986-9778

Pine nut brittle $3.85

When it comes to sweet treats, this place does it right. Wolf down on this uniquely SF treat to fill your crunchy and chewy piñón and butter quota. Your dentist’s billing office will thank you.

130 Lincoln Ave., Ste. B, 983-8654

Compost cookie $2

Surrender to chewy chocolate and butterscotch chips, oats, coconut and mashed-up pretzel sticks that together form a Voltron of unmitigated yum. Best part is, not a worm in sight.

229 Johnson St., 982-0455

Fresas con crema $4.50

Head down Airport way for a healthy dose of Mexi-snacks (we’re using the term “healthy” metaphorically here.) Delight in


as far as the


can see and, if you’re up for it, a nice cup o’ strawberries, sugar and cream cheese. Now, where’s my OneTouch?

4350 Airport Road, 438-0280

Green chile cupcake $4.50

Yes, the rumors are true…we put green chile on everything here—burgers, cereal, personal lubricant. Enter Dream Cakes and “The Santa Fe”—a chile-infused cornbread cupcake topped with a whipped-to-perfection honey butter cream. Your move, Roswell.

66 E San Francisco St., Ste. 19A, 930-2027 

What are some of your favorite cheap eats?