A longtime favorite for local and visiting ladies who lunch, brunch, breakfast or have any other occasion to enjoy fabulous food, Clafoutis is famous for friendly service, skillfully executed French dishes, and singularly indulgent pastries. Madeleines, macarons, éclairs, croissants—take your pick; they’re all paragons of buttery excellence.

Joy Godfrey
Joy Godfrey | Joy Godfrey

At lunchtime, try a cup of decadent French onion soup and the goat cheese salad, which is huge and completely filling (and even a little bit sinful, despite being a salad). That shouldn't keep you from hitting up the pastry case before you leave, where you'll likely get a cheerful merci even when the pleasure's all yours. The only challenge here is the extremely limited parking—if there's any way you can walk rather than driving, do so—and, well, trying to keep yourself from coming back every day.

402 N Guadalupe St., 988-1809
Breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday.
No alcohol. $15-$20

There’s much to be said for the no-frills, down-home restaurant that doesn’t break the bank but still delivers a hearty meal—and Santa Fe’s local pupusa joint typifies that genre.

Joy Godfrey
Joy Godfrey | Joy Godfrey

Pupusas are a Salvadoran specialty: a thick, handmade corn tortilla stuffed with beans, cheese, chicharrones or pretty much anything else you can dream up, and served with mild tomato salsa and a cabbage slaw resembling sauerkraut. This family-owned joint more than delivers on its promise of eminently satisfying Central American street food, with big-as-your-face pupusas stuffed to the gills with everything from steak to the loroco flower, excellent accompaniments, and décor that (despite the restaurant's location adjacent to the Days Inn) evokes the Salvadoran countryside. Service is friendly and accommodating, making for a perfect culinary adventure sure to whisk you away from the land of green chile and posole.

2900 Cerrillos Road, 474-3512
Breakfast, lunch and dinner Tuesday-Sunday.
No alcohol. $5-$10

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SFR's Restaurant Guide is out, and it's so friggin' big that it didn't fit as an insert in our regular issue. Pick it up at over 50 locations across Santa Fe. You can find a drop list on page 31.

Hankering for a good sandwich? Chicago-based chain Jimmy John's, which boasts "the world's greatest," has opened a new Southside location in the Target shopping center at the old Starbucks location.

Where Tecolote Café once stood, now only rubble. A public records request by SFR shows that a construction company applied for demo permits but no one has yet applied for permission to build a new structure on the site.