New Mexico's public health officials have declared restaurants, breweries, bars and other fun stuff have to close their public spaces and instead offer carry-out, curbside and delivery only.

Alisha Romero, manager at Chow's Chinese Bistro in Midtown, tells SFR the business had to lay off  two servers and a dishwasher, but reports that calls for food have had big surges.

"We have been really, really busy in the last few days," she says during Sunday night's dinner hours. "Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were so-so, but since Thursday it was just crazy, which is good."

Here's a list of how various establishments are handling the rules.

If you know of one we missed or haven't gotten to yet, please let us know by dropping a line to

So. Many. Tacos. For. Delivery.

Slightly reduced hours, yes—still offering delivery through the services and curbside service, also yes. It's Italian food.

Annapurna's World Vegetarian Café
All that vegetarian and vegan goodness for takeout or delivery.

Eldorado's fine, fine dining is bringing it to the curb.

Arroyo Vino
Not only is the gloriously nice place offering to-go, it has devised some wine pairings (because they also sell by the bottle!) to go with some of those things.

Back Road Pizza
Order by phone or online, show up and call to announce your arrival, they'll bring your pizza out.

Bang Bite
The food truck you love to love is still making it happen. Like burgers? You'll probably like this.

Beer Creek Brewing
Probably you shouldn't be heading outside town right now, but if you live out there, go for it (they have to-go beers).

The Betterday Coffee Shop
Stumptown brews and burritos in a jar (not kidding).

BoulTawn's Bakery & Café
We like the egg sandwich and the bagels…so good!

Bread Shop
The insanely popular and insanely new bread bakery just launched an online storefront and is also available in brick and mortar form from 11 am-2 pm Thursday-Sunday.

Bumble Bee's Baja Grill
Burritos for all at this downtown spot that proudly claims the slowest drive-thru in the world.

The Burger Stand
They're reportedly ready for your orders and doing their best to burg you into the new world.

Cacao: The Art of Chocolate
Amazing chocolate and amazing coffee. Seriously, it's in our top three coffee spots right now and we hear they're offering five-pound bags at the curbside.

Café Castro
New Mexican food is the stuff you need right now. It's pure comfort. Takeout only, but have you had that chile? Yowza.

Café Fina
Good news for you slightly-out-of-town friends.

Café Grazie
Yet another beloved local Italian restaurant doing its part with curbside service.

Café Pasqual's
The Water Street restaurant is on the curbside wagon as well. Open from 8 am to 3 pm for lunch and breakfast, and 5 to 8 pm for dinner.

We had an amazing cup o' coffee and grilled sandwich here awhile back, and they're still doing takeout in the Baca Street Railyard area.

Cake's Corner Café
We love the name, you should try 'em.

Chicago Dog Express
What wouldn't a fully loaded chile dog fix right now?

Chocolate Maven
The hours have changed but takeout and delivery are available.

Chow's Chinese Bistro
Always reliable for carry-out, not it's all there is: Sunday 4:45 to 8:30 pm and Monday-Saturday, 11:15 to 2 pm for lunch and 4:45 to 8:30 pm.

French food and baked goods and one heck of a brekkie croissant. Clafoutis is still doing to-go and offers delivery through Fetch.

Cleopatra's Café
We like the falafel and the sheesh tewook and the…we like it all, OK? We like it all. According to Cleopatra's website, all call-in orders are 15% off right now, and they do Fetch and GrubHub and Postmates.

The BBQ joint with the big fat menu and the big fat patio we're gonna miss until this all blows over is totally doing takeout still.

Crepes are basically the perfect food, and this crepe place is still doing takeout.

Del Charro
One of the most affordable menus in town is working with the delivery services and offering takeout.

Dr. Field Goods Kitchen, Bakery and Butcher
The Midtown spot you love so much is still offering takeout, and some of the things in that butcher shop look so good it seems almost criminal not to buy them.

Best muffins ever. Great coffee. Have you tried the banana or lemon tarts!?!

Ecco Espresso & Gelato
The Marcy Street gelato and coffee joint is following all the advice of the CDC and, last we saw online, a nurse was thanking them for being open. Owner Matt Durkovich said the new plan is a bodega vibe, with panini and soup usually just offered at lunch coming soon for dinner too.

El Callejon
If it's tacos you're after, you can find them for takeout here.

El Mesón
Word on the street (not the actual street, we're staying home as much as possible) is that El Mesón is kicking off delivery and takeout starting March 20.

El Parasol
Try the carne adovada burrito and thank us later. Or just go with the famous tacos (they have veggie ones, too!) Takeout only (they have a window for those who call in their orders).

Felipe's Tacos
One of our favorite places of all time is available for your no-carne burrito needs (and lots of other stuff, too).

Fiesta Oaxaca
We're not sure we've ever seen a restaurant become so quickly beloved in Santa Fe, and this Mexican spot delivers the goods.

Fire & Hops
Expect a rotating menu of items from chef Joel Coleman as well as curbside service.

Flying Tortilla
They've got amazing chile worth carrying out. We once had one of the best breakfasts of our entire lives over there.

Harry's Roadhouse
Harry's has that sweet, sweet takeout by phone, and they tell SFR they're working on a online platform. Stay tuned.

Henry and the Fish
We've heard it described as the "best lunch option available on the Plaza." Zam!

Horseman's Haven
Can you even call yourself a Santa Fean if you haven't eaten at this iconic temple to spicy chile?

Iconik Coffee Roasters Lupe
The Guadalupe Street iteration of the the third-wave coffee/food spot kicked off a drive-in kind of thing wherein you park in the lot, fire off a text (505-629-0764) with your car make and color and they'll send someone out. You can order inside, too, but you can't hang around.

Iconik Coffee Roasters (Lena Street)
The original is still going, too, and, we might add, has some real good brews. We word good, they brew good.

Il Vicino
The wood fire pizza restaurant has reduced its hours to 5-8 pm and is still doing takeout or delivery through the major services.

We just love their Japanese food so so much!

Jambo Hapa
The Jambo food truck you know and love it serving it up outside the restaurant's brick and mortar in midtown.

Joe's Dining
The Southside local favorite is offering to-go items through curbside service.

Kai Sushi
The sister to downtown's Izmi Sushi remains open in Midtown for takeout.

Similar to Back Road, call 'em then show up and pick up. We're also told that everybody's favorite Guadalupe Street Japanese joint is about to launch a new website to make ordering easier. Stay tuned.

La Choza
Oh, thank goodness—La Choza is doing takeout. New Mexican at its finest.

La Piña Loka
Tacos? Breakfast burritos? Food made with love on Cerrillos Road? Get some.

La Plazuela @ La Fonda
The restaurant inside Santa Fe's most Plaza-adjacent hotel is now offering curbside pickup for orders. We had an amazing breakfast there not long ago; can recommend, would return.

Los Potrillos
Some of the most beloved Mexican food in town, plus that thing where the tortilla chips are warm. We love that thing.

Love Yourself Café
The Devargas mall veggie/vegan spot (with all kinds of juices and stuff) is still open and taking orders. Obviously you can't hang around there, but there you have it.

Lucky Goat
Santa Fe's newest pan-Asian restaurant is doing the delivery thing.

Lulu's Cuisine
The Cerrillos Road Chinese eatery is serving up dinner for takeout.

Madame Matisse
Order here at 772-0949 for to-go orders and pick them up at a curbside station set up in the parking lot.

Mampuku Ramen
Contact-free curbside takeout or delivery within a 7-mile radius.

Milad Betterday Kitchen
Persian food and lots more, connected to that coffee shop you know know and love.

Mucho Gusto
The little Mexican restaurant that can and should and does is offering takeout plus delivery through DoorDash.

New York Deli Downtown
In addition to deli meats and the like, New York Deli is still offering to-go items and coffee.

Ohori's Coffee
The St. Francis Drive location is still open for curbside or drive-thru service. It's just plain great coffee, too.

After a couple days of rest, the culinary pub is reportedly back to doing dinner takeout.

La Boca
You can pick up tapas at La Boca, which is pretty cool if you're locked down with, like, a bunch of people who like to share (please use utensils).

Market Steer Steakhouse
For when you really just want a streak because you've been staying home and deserve a little treat. Curbside service.

The New Baking Co.
This place didn't go out of business and then get resurrected to have to deal with this stuff! They're doing takeout and have one of the most popular breakfast burritos ever around.

El Nido
We hear El Nido's trying out new dishes right now and is ready for to-go orders.

Palacio Café
It's right by our office, but even if it weren't, we'd still love this place for its wide variety of choices and amazingly friendly and kind ownership.

Did somebody say tacos? Take and bake enchiladas? Burritos in bowl?!?!?

Pancho's Gourmet To Go
It's in the name, and this Pecos eatery is ready for you.

Paper Dosa
Not only is the Cordova Road Indian eatery still doing takeout, they're now selling the dosa batter so folks with lots of time can learn a new thing.

Pho Ava Vietnamese Restaurant
We hear tell that business hours will depend on traffic in the coming days, but if it's Vietnamese you're looking for, Pho Ava's got the takeout.

Pho Kim
Easily some of the best sandwiches and pho we've ever had.

Pyramid Café
Bring on the Mediterranean food! According to the website, you can order online now.

Pizza Centro
According to Instagram, the pizzeria is offering drive-thru at its downtown location in the Design Center (which is a thing we knew about and never told you because we wanted to keep it to ourselves because we're greedy pizza rats) and curbside service at its Southside spot. Centro also uses Dashing Delivery.

Pizza Etc.
Curbside service, including a pickup window. The pizza's great, the etc.'s also great.

Posa's El Merendero
Is there a better tamale? Probably not. Buy in bulk. Buy 300. Buy now.

Revolution Bakery
Gluten-free and vegan treats and such to go. As of this writing, they're still churning out the good stuff.

Raaga Go
Not only did owner.chef Paddy Rawal humiliate our sworn enemy Bobby Flay on television, he's gonna keep on cooking and allowing people to pick up food.

Real Burger
It's real, it's burgers, it might just be the kind of comforting comfort food to comfort you right now.

Sage Bakehouse
You'll still find some of the most popular bread in town along with the entire menu and, we hear, an online ordering system in the works.

True story—we once had a friend eat rattlesnake sausage here. Also true? We had the best eggplant parmesan of our lives at Sasella. Anyway, they're doing lunch and dinner to-go.

We're told chef Fernando Olea is offering a special Mexican street food menu and one heck of a burger right now.

Sunrise Family Restaurant
Another amazing breakfast burrito, pretty wonderfully huge menu otherwise.

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen
Takeout sounds great from this healthful and delicious spot.

Terra Verde Organic
Organic and family-sized meals for curbside pickup.

Is open for carry-out.

The Pantry Dos
We saw a pretty amazing photo of gargantuan enchilada trays ready to be picked up from The Pantry Dos, and we know the Southside eatery is ready to take your orders.

Piccolino Italian Restaurant
We know some people who will be positively THRILLED to know this spot is still open. Takeout only.

Pizzeria Espiritu
Deep dish rules, the Greek pie rules…this place has the dough, y'know?

Radish & Rye
The place where we had one of the best pieces of salmon in our lives is also the place with one of the largest bourbon menus we've ever seen—fingers crossed Gov. Lujan Grisham approves restaurants selling booze to-go. Til then, R&R's doing takeout at night.

Rowley Farmhouse Ales
So many items, so many beers, so much curbside service. We've loved Rowley for years and now you can, too. They do packaged beer sales as well, and some of those brews are HEADY. They've won awards. Seriously.

Santa Fe Bar & Grill
We hear there's a new curbside service menu and daily specials and stuff.

Santa Fe Bite
The burger you love so much is available for pickup. No delivery.

Santa Fe Dining
Restaurants in the local concern's stable including Blue Corn Café, Maria's, Rio Chama, Rooftop Pizzeria and Las Casa Sena are all offering curbside service and/or delivery through the various apps.

Second Street Brewery
The Rufina Taproom location of the storied local brewery has beer to go.

Shake Foundation
We're not scientists, but we do know that a green chile cheeseburger is probably the best thing for you right now (if you eat meat). ye olde Shake Foundation is still doing takeout as of this writing.

Sunset Swirl
Dairy-free ice cream with curbside pickup!

Sweet Santa Fe
Sweets and sammies and pastries and chocolate Easter bunnies to go.

T-Mac Gourmet Mac & Cheese
Get some of the best mac 'n' cheese we've ever had, takeout only.

Tesuque Village Market
Our sources tell us TVM has gone takeout, and that you can still get baked goods, market items and booooooze.

Thai Bistro (Eldorado)
Now's the time to get really into Thai food, people of Eldorado!

Tia Sophia's
The people behind what is arguably the best huevos rancheros we've ever had are getting into curbside service, too. Our sources tell us they're in talks with GrubHub for delivery, but that's not an immediate thing.

Tiny's Restaurant and Lounge
We've heard tell of a massive enchilada tray (plus sides like guac and chips) that serves 20…

Is open for carry-out in the Railyard.

Tortilla Flats
The chile is so good, the takeout is so good, it's all so good, really.

Tune-Up Café
They're still there for your takeout needs and have specials and stuff.

Uncle DT's Smokehouse
BBQ for pickup that'll make you go "Ooooh!"

Upper Crust Pizza
As of this writing, the Eldorado and Downtown locations of the local pizza biz are both still offering takeout.

Whole Hog Café
The pulled pork here was one of the things that almost kept us from going vegetarian, and they've got six different sauces. SIX!

Yamas Greek Rotisserie
Greek food that our Greek grandma said is "Awesome."

The design center spot is still doing takeout or curbside service as well as delivery through the major services (as well as one that's new to us called

Remember that Uber EatsGrubHub,Fetch and Dashing Delivery are all operating as of the time of this writing, and that some even have an option for the driver to just leave the food on your doorstep.