"Life, uh, finds a way." Though Jeff Goldblum’s oft-cited line from the masterpiece 1993 film Jurassic Park is nearly as classic as the dinos on this year’s Best of Santa Fe cover, it feels apt to bring back in this moment as the issue, our upcoming party and indeed the city itself comes back to life and full power following a number of admittedly subdued years. 


This time, we’ve got plenty of new categories to peruse and ponder. You’ll find surprising wins and gasp-worthy upsets across 172 of them to be precise, all selected by our reader poll—all championing your favorite places, businesses, artists and much more. 


We’ll be celebrating the city’s favorite everything this 5 to 9 pm Friday, July 28 in the Railyard and we’ll have all the food, drink and music you can handle—including the Santa Fe Salutes tribute to Elton John. We’re all going to feel our best, too. Every year when this issue rolls around, we ask you who you love, so let us be clear about where our allegiances lie: We love you, Santa Fe.