Come quick the revolution

For the future is a light in the d

The present will crumble

and out of the ashes,

a gynarchy shall rise...

Shining like a phoenix.

Celebrate what it means to be human

to be women

Taste revolution on the tip of your tongue,

bitter-sweet rain

Sliding down our eyelids and stealing away sight.

Now we are all




Feel revolution

fluttering and brushing eyelashes

Light as a butterfly's wing.

Rip open the wrapper, in my mouth, on my tongue

sucking on a Warhead.

So sour my face contorts, lips pursed

Then, blessed sweet.

Don't talk!

It might escape...

Laying in the sunshine


Daydream's ruined by catcalls

Blasting through heat waves.

Licking the mango juice from her fingers and chin

Elfin laughter, sprinklers.

He stops, grading her body like a test

Her laughter freezes.

She can't shed her childhood slowly--

like an outgrown favorite jacket

She's forced out

but maybe- just maybe- in the future we will be our change

So don't let your mother-daughter-sister-self die ,

because our childhood is gone and all that remains is memories, Buried six-feet under.

Come quick the revolution

Izze Curtis is an 8th grader at Mountain Mahogany Community School in Albuquerque. She has been writing poetry for about four years and recently placed in a poetry slam contest.