We know that not all of you are as acutely aware of the recent release of Destiny 2, a fine gaming experience from the makers of Halo, but congrats to those of you who are. For everyone else with plans to actually leave their homes this weekend, however, there's a veritable cavalcade of daily events into which one might sink their teeth. We've rounded up a number of these things, so enjoy. And if we make it through our perilous fight with the darkness OK, we'll check in with you next week.

The 71 artists represented in this juried book arts exhibit are all members of the Santa Fe Book Arts Group (BAG). Cynthia Sanchez, executive director of the Capitol Art Foundation and curator of the Capitol Art Collection, selected 112 pieces to include in the show this year. Through Dec. 15.

Depending on how you feel about puppets, this will either be super creepy or super cool. We think it's super cool. Check out an exhibition of puppets and film sets from Devon Hawkes Ludlow, The Human Beast Box puppet collective, and Flying Wall Studios. Through Oct. 8.

Emily Davis brings intimate, cutting-edge folk to the stage accompanied by a combination of rock 'n roll and punk-opera from Fox White and Full Speed Veronica.

In conjunction with an earlier lecture at Gerald Peters Gallery, a newly restored version of the classic Western film screens—with an introduction by Pulitzer-winning journalist Glenn Frankel, author of High Noon: The Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classic.

Local author Gore has a conversation with poet Miriam Sagan about feminism, witchery, motherhood, art, politics and everything else that makes the world beautiful. She releases We Were Witches, her new book that we think is bound to become a textbook in women's studies courses the world over.

Melina Duerte, aka Jay Som, plays electrified folk and dreamy alt-funk.

Chairlift rides, disc golf tournament, live music, beer garden, Sports Shop sale and Gold Pass Sale! The Bus Tapes play rock and roll from 11 am-3 pm. Savor a cold beer (or glass of wine) and take in the beautiful scenery. Get ski passes and gear at a discount, and check out the disc golf tournament (there's no public play this weekend, so step aside and watch the pros).

Americana from the local singer-songwriter type who we happen to know is huge in Holland.

Come out for a day of great music, great beer and great food all to raise funds for Turquoise Trail Charter School Arts Programs. Enjoy music from Joe West, Time4Change, OG Willikers, Right On, Kid!, The Hill Stompers, The Banded Geckos and more!

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