It's sunny here—so much that us SFR yahoos really get into the spirit of clouds. In fact, if anything, it energizes us. Y'know, because we hate going outside if it's hot. There's also something about science and negative and positive ions in there, probably, but we just know there's a whole mess of things to do on the weekend, and these are some of those things.

Brunson and Tichava, two New Mexico-based artists, explore the concepts of time and place in these works. Brunson presents large format paper collages and vibrant oil paintings; Tichava combines printmaking and painting techniques. Through Sept. 12.

The send off of the critically acclaimed photo exhibit, 'Hail, Hail Rock 'n' Roll!', featuring Baron Wolman, Henry Diltz, Lisa Law, Bob Seidemann, William Coupon, & David Michael Kennedy.

Battle it out on the dance floor in your scariest (or weirdest) monster costumes. All ages are welcome.

Celebrate the end of summer with traditional music of the Southwest, food vendors, family activities and camping.

Filmmakers Glenn Silber and Claudia Vianello screen Atomic Artist and El Salvador:Another Vietnam which draw parallels between issues of the past and present.

Northern New Mexico's best DJs dig deep into their archives and present the best in underground dance.

Fill in the line drawings of 67 New Mexico artists as they illustrate stories by five New Mexico writers in this coloring book. Meet the artists at a book signing event. It's in conjunction with an event at the mobile gallery Axle Contemporary.

Kline discusses his book Leonardo's Holy Child: A Connoisseur's Search for Lost Art in America. Kline purchased an unassuming little sketch from a Christie's catalog a decade ago, and his instincts about the work were correct: It was actually Leonardo da Vinci's model drawing for the Infant Jesus and the Infant St. John. Kline's book is about the research of the piece, as well as how works are attributed to the old masters.

A long-standing Santa Fe tradition since 1919. The Fiesta Melodrama is written in the style of those from the wild west, but with a twist, lampooning local news and politics.

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