Well then you're friends with me. I mean, us. Yeah, us. The markets are a-comin', Santa Fe, and with them all sorts of other special events like pop ups, gallery openings, one-off shows and more. Your art collection is about to expand—y'know, if you want. It's sort of one of those last hurrahs of the season where everyone goes nuts and more events happen that usual. Do it. Do it all.

This three-day Indigenous market features juried high-quality contemporary and traditional art; plus live music, dancing and culinary art demonstrations. See sculptures, textile art, jewelry, fashion and more.

This State of the Art conversation, in conjunction with SWAIA's Santa Fe Indian Market, features Native artists speaking about the world around them. Hear from Jaque Fragua, Teri Greeves, Tony Abeyta and others.

This Native-owned gallery celebrates its grand opening on just the right weekend.

So, the population of our town doubled in the last 24 hours ... Yeah, blame SWAIA. Just kidding, we love this weekend hard. Nearly 900 of the finest Native American artists come together to showcase their work in this incredible display of Indigenous art. Don't miss the fashion show at 3 pm, featuring contemporary Native designs.

What if the desert was fertile? This collaborative, led by museum curator and educator April Bojorquez and artist and educator Matthew Garcia, reconceptualizes desert/dryland ecologies not as post-apocalyptic growth of wasteland, but as an ecological opportunity. See how the collective accomplishes this with a "performance" by its mobile eco-studio in the courtyard of the museum.

Get access to the colorful, geometric, and inspiring work of renowned Native artist Gabaldon in unconventional ways—we're talking stickers, buttons, sweatshirts and other accessible stuff.

From Civil War Battles to Old West shootouts, experience the adventure of Territorial New Mexico! Taste some grub from the back of a chuck wagon and listen to songs of the vaqueros who once drove battles across this vast land. Visit soldier encampments, watch the blacksmith hammer iron and meet amazing ladies from these rough times.

Hear from some of the 40 artists participating in this exhibit co-curated by Ginger Dunnill and Cannupa Hanska Luger, which shows the works by some who have participated in Dunnills Broken Boxes Podcast, an aural medium providing artists a narrative opportunity.

When a sax-o-mo-phonist has played with the likes of Ray Charles and Prince, you know he's so for real it's almost absurd.

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