Rain, glorious rain: Our gardens survive, we can wear a comfy hoodie, the populace stops turning on one another ... it's good. We are all, in fact, much calmer with the recent moisture in the air and think we deserve a treat in the form of cultural bad-assery! Behold—your weekend picks!

Wynn presents a body of work honoring the legacy of the exceptional women soldiers of the Mexican Revolution who followed their husbands, brothers and fathers to war. Through Aug. 9.

Raspy Americana out of Kansas City, Kansas.

This awards show honors six major musicians who are rocking the local scene. See New Mexico’s musical talent perform live and stick around to celebrate the winners. Proceeds benefit the New Mexico Music Commission's Music in the Schools Program and the Solace Crisis Treatment Center.

Seating is limited for this concert brining together the eclectic five-piece orchestra Evarusnik with an opening acoustic performance by Woven Talon.

The scene is a nightclub in Berlin in late 1920’s. The Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience to the show and assures them that, whatever their troubles, they will forget them at the Cabaret.

Jobs is a household name, and he changed the world. While connecting the world, he maintained walls between himself and others and arguably lost his humanity to his visionary genius. This opera, written by Mason Bates and Mark Campbell, makes its world premiere at the Santa Fe Opera this season starring Sasha Cooke and Edward Parks.

Local musician and cantadora Nacha Mendez, with other local readers, presents a spoken-word and musical tribute to Frida Kahlo.

Antonio Granjero, Estefania Ramirez and Antonio Hidalgo Paz co-direct this summer series featuring Granjero and Ramirez performing original choreography.

Marvel at the combination of ballet with modern dance and acrobatics to the tune of Bach and Hamza El Din & the Kronos Quartet.

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