Fifty points to whoever can pinpoint that absurd '90s pop culture reference and a billion points to summertime goings-on in Santa Fe. We're operating on less sleep to fit it all in and we'll fully-full-on high-five y'all if we see you out in the wild.

Students from the May Center for Learning create this mini golf course themed around the classic Alice in Wonderland. Bring the children they could win special prizes, and see a screening of the golf film comedy Happy Gilmore.

A group exhibition of new works by four artists that runs through July 30.

These guitarists take the audience a journey through the ages of the classical guitar from the Bach to the 20th-century Libra Sonatine by Roland Dyens. Also hear some of Dubey’s own Arabic arrangements.

Folk artists from around the world to Santa Fe to display their crafts at this renowned market. Pay a little extra to attend the early hours and nab goodies before others get the chance.

Local bar-mix company Bloody Maria is partnering with Cities of Gold Casino for Bloody Maria Fiesta, the 22nd-birthday celebration for the casino, featuring live music, vendors, beer, and food.

A trio of musicians perform during this evening of acoustic tunes.

Bring the fam (or the friends who are fam), pull up a chair on the patio and settle in for brunch with fine tunes.

Jim Goulden of the Gluey Brothers and his partner Angela bring the chill vibe of Hidden Whale to a mellow Sunday afternoon at Duel Brewing.

By suggested donation, the Santa Fe Shakespeare Society presents the classic comedy about mistaken identity, the dangers of hearsay and sibling rivalry. Bring a picnic and a slicker if it's cloudy—this one's rain-or-shine.

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