Now that all your pets sufficiently hate your guts following days of semi-controlled explosions, it's time to suck it up hangover-wise and start the cycle of thing-doing all over again. Breathe deep, steel thyselves and step out on the town for another dang weekend of stuff.

See images of rockin' times (in the '60s, '70s and '80s) taken by photographers Baron Wolman, Lisa Law, David Michael Kennedy, Bob Seidemann and William Coupon. Through Sept. 1.

New wave blues from Europe, with influences like The Rolling Stones, from Dimitrov kicks off this evening of outdoor tunes. Then hear rock, R&B and soul by Jay Boy Adams & Zenobia.

The cello and vocal duo performs regularly throughout the summer at this fancy downtown spot. Catch their covers of everything from Bach to Bieber in their varied repertoires.

Rock, soul and folk.

Rock, jazz and funk songs by this trio of talent. Not Russians.

Classic modern techno with a bohemian feel.

This eighth annual festival is a floral fiesta offering music, food and dancing. This year's theme is Country and Western, so come in your best cowboy boots and enjoy delicious treats from the Lavender Tea House, Cowgirl barbecue and more.

You know and love these local bluegrass legends, correct? Of course you do. And these Bluegrass Brunches are weekly for the next little bit, so...y'know, go to them.

Antonio Granjero, Estefania Ramirez and Antonio Hidalgo Paz co-direct this summer series featuring Granjero and Ramirez performing original choreography.

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