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SFR Picks—Week of April 26

Reproductive resources, vegan pizza, punk rock royalty and a nice ’n’ easy bike ride


Santa Fe’s Noise for Now hosts community session with abortion pill info, community

As debate over abortion in America continues, the drug mifepristone—a part of the most effective non-surgical means for ending a pregnancy—now seems to be in conservatives’ crosshairs. In short, the drug is used in conjunction with another, misoprostol, to become what is colloquially known as “the abortion pill,” by blocking the progesterone in a pregnant person’s body, preventing the continuation of the pregnancy.

While the US Supreme Court recently offered reprieve from a restrictive ruling out of Texas governing access to mifepristone, any sense of relief could be temporary: The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals will take up the case again next month. As Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said last week: “Make no mistake: the legal battle around reproductive health access in this country is far from over.” To that point, organizers from Santa Fe-based nonprofit Noise for Now, which uses the power of music to raise funds for reproductive health causes, plan to address mifepristone at the upcoming Teach-In Happy Hour, the first in a planned series of community/educational gatherings.

“Most people, when they are looking for an abortion, turn to family or a loved one,” says Noise For Now founder and Director Amelia Bauer, “and a really easy way to get engaged and do more is to just start learning about all the options and to become a resource in your community.”

Bauer says would-be attendees to the upcoming event at Honeymoon Brewery can expect a low-pressure conversational/Q&A sort of thing wherein she and Noise for Now Assistant Director Allegra Love will have plenty of knowledge to impart, not to mention hard kombuchas and New Mexico beers.

“We’ll be talking about where the case is now, the implications of the rulings and generally how the pills work and what an abortion pill is as opposed to emergency contraception or Plan B,” Bauer explains.

For Love, a lawyer who previously worked with immigrants facing crises and detention along the border, the series aims to inform as well as foster community.

“You think about the anti-abortion movement, and where people congregate is in the church,” she says. “We don’t have many places where we find ourselves meeting to share ideas and build power together, right? We have to create space.”

Bauer agrees: “Something Allegra and I talk about a lot is how sometimes just showing up and being with like-minded people will lead you down the path of how to engage in a way that makes the most sense for you.”

Please note that those who can produce sperm are also encouraged to attend and learn, too. (Alex De Vore)

Noise for Now Teach-In Happy Hour: 5:30-7 pm Thursday, April 27. Free. Honeymoon Brewery, 907 W Alameda St., Ste. B, (505) 303-3139

Cheese-less Cheese

Way back in March of 2021, we became enamored with Santa Fe vegan baker Thomas Kamholz, a man on a mission to bring high-quality taste and ingredients to the world of vegan baking. Kamholz’s Plantita Vegan Bakery has done just that in the years that followed, and whether you’re getting into the vegan thing for politics, health or just ‘cause, there’s no denying the man knows what’s up. Kamholz operates in the savory sphere, too, perhaps most notably with his regular vegan pizza pop-ups that find him taking dairy out of the pizza equation, but not taste. Kamholz is back on his pizza tip this week with a Friday evening menu featuring pizzas with maple faux-sausage, leek and kale; artichoke, olive and pesto; and green peppers, faux-sausage and onion. The pizzas range from $23-$24, and you’ll hardly notice a difference from regular pizza, outside of not feeling like complete garbage later. Order at by 5 pm on Thursday, April 27. (ADV)

Plantita Bakery Vegan Pizza Pop-Up: 5-7 pm Friday, April 28. $23-$24. Plantita Vegan Bakery, 1704 Lena St., (505) 603-0897

Up the Punx

“For people in my world, this band is a pretty big deal,” said SFR’s most punk-loving staffer to the rest of the nerds who work here. To be fair, the most punk among us might be the least punk on a more global scale, but still, anyone who has listened to punk rock knows Off! simply by virtue of its members. We’re talkin’ Circle Jerks’ Keith Morris, Burning Brides’ Dimitri Coats, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead’s Autry Fulbright II and Thundercat’s Justin Brown. That’s a lot of firepower in one band—like the Traveling Wilburys of dudes who took a look around the socio-political sphere and said, “Actually, we’re pretty pissed off now.” Expect it just how you’d want punk to be: fast, sloppy, angry and feel-good. Expect to feel it hard. (ADV)

Off!: 9 pm Saturday, April 29. $20-$22. Meow Wolf, 1352 Rufina Circle, (505) 395-6369

A Couple of Wheels

Spring sprung, you aging bunch of nerds, and we know there’s a contingent of people out there looking for low-stakes things to do that don’t involve drinking and/or being up all night. You wanna feel the breeze, hear the birds, get outside—maybe even exercise a little. Enter the thrice-weekly Leisurely Bike Ride events at Fort Marcy Park. Instructors will lead bicyclists on a charming pedal-party throughout the area, and there are even loaner bikes on hand for those who want to cruise but maybe don’t have a velocipede. This thing’s free for members of any city recreation complex, too. The rest of you will pay a scant $5. (ADV)

Leisurely Bike Ride: 10-11 am Monday, May 1. Free-$5. Fort Marcy Park, 490 Washington Ave., (505) 955-2501

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