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Markets and puppets, best things and other best things

70 is the new 60

Seven decades in, Spanish Market returns to its pre-pandemic scope

Santa Fe’s Traditional Spanish Market is one of the city’s more familiar summer activities. Booths line the downtown streets, vendors take over the Plaza and dancers, singers and other performers show the world how Santa Fe does culture. But we haven’t seen the market at the height of its powers since 2019. Not to worry if you were downcast about the scope in recent years, though, because we’ve got good new for you: the market that highlights local artists practicing Spanish Colonial forms is back, baby.

“We’re getting back to being close to our original [pre-COVID] market,” Jessica Thirloway, special events, membership and volunteer coordinator for the market, tells SFR. “Obviously we didn’t have a market in 2020, and had only a quarter size in 2021, so we’re trying to get back to traditional in all senses.”

This year, you’ll find 195 juried-in artists, plus 23 youths who have been mentored by the pros and are making their market debut. Still, Thirloway notes, a few pandemic-related hiccups remain. Some regulars have chosen not to participate due to COVID fears, for example, while others have been hit by supply chain issues.

But showcases keep the mood lively: Friday night offers an in-depth preview at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, and organizations like living history museum Las Golondrinas and archaeological preservation nonprofit Cornerstones present colonial pastimes such as weaving and adobe brick-making throughout the weekend. As for the art itself, see retablos and tin works, paintings, santos, sculptures and so much more. State historian/musician Rob Martinez kicks off the musical offerings on Saturday, while bands Trino Latino de Santa Fe, Las Flores del Valle and the Chris Arellano band play throughout the day. Emi Arte Flamenco performs Sunday, too, as do traditional bands Los Trinos and Gonzalo.

“These artists have spent lifetimes dedicated to these art forms,” Thirloway adds. “These aren’t just the same thing, they’re innovators within tradition, pushing these arts forward and in a new direction.” (Riley Gardner)

Spanish Market Preview: 5-7:30 pm Friday, July 29. Free. Santa Fe Community Convention Center, 201 W Marcy St. (505) 955-6200

70th Annual Spanish Market: 9 am-5 pm Sat and Sun, July 30 and 31. Free. Downtown Santa Fe, 63 Lincoln Ave. (505) 982-2226

Good Bones

Find this week a rather enticing mini-fest at the Santa Fe Playhouse. The Skeletal Series features weeks of specially-curated events that are, according to organizer Alexandra Renzo, “for both theater lovers and your friend who is hesitant about the theater.” Skeletal kicks off with Marooned! A Space Comedy, a multimedia puppet-based show that recalls the likes of England’s Thunderbirds, though likely less campy. Later in the series, find a special reading of Gary Dontzig’s In That Little Village Near Perm by the legendary Marsha Mason, the one-woman absurdism of Driving Around with Punjabi-American comic/artist Amrita Dhaliwal and a spoken word piece dubbed Dear Mapel starring poet Pslamayene 24. “We often think theater seems so unreachable or grandiose,” Renzo continues, “but when we see solo shows, we can get inspired. I think they will expand how you think about theater.” (Alex De Vore)

Skeletal Series: Marooned! A Space Comedy: 7:30 pm Wednesday July 27-Friday, July 29; 2 pm Saturday, July 30. $15-$75. Santa Fe Playhouse, 142 E De Vargas St., (505) 988-4262

Nothing’s Ever Gonna Keep You Down

We love this time of year because the results of our Best of Santa Fe issue come out, and we’re not living if the townsfolk aren’t yelling at us. We kid, we kid—this is actually gonna be fun. Why? Because we get to party again! That’s right, Santa Fe—your best pals at SFR are taking over the Railyard once more for our Best of Santa Fe Party, and it’s gonna be a doozy. Many of this year’s winners, as voted on by you, our readers, will totally be in attendance (including an indoor DJ set from Dynamite Sol and Your Boy Re-Flex), plus there’ll be food and, we hear, dogs. Capping off the night, catch the Santa Fe Salutes tribute to a little band called The Beatles at 7 pm. They’re new, maybe you’ve heard of them? (ADV)

SFR’s 2022 Best of Santa Fe Party: 5 pm Friday, July 29. Free. The Railyard, Market and Alcaldesa Streets, (505) 988-5541


Look, we’ve been on the performance/events side of things before and can tell you that when it comes to live stuff in Santa Fe, there’s really no rhyme or reason when it comes to support. People like what they like when they like it. But there are some bands who transcend the nonsense to become perennial favorites. We’re speaking of Nosotros, clearly one of your favorite acts of all time, Santa Fe, and one you’ve now voted into the top slot in Best Of more years than we can recall. Expect a bit of the old Latin flavor passed through rock and jazz filters for an enduring and downright beloved style of salsa-meets-cumbia-meets-hot-ass-percussion. Can you even go without shaking your hips? Doubtful. Don’t forget that AMP Concerts’ Summer Bandstand Series will come to a close before you know it—so see as many shows as you can. (ADV)

Nosotros: 6 pm Tuesday, Aug. 2. Free. Santa Fe Plaza, 100 Old Santa Fe Trail,

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