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SFR Picks—Week of Nov. 17

Punky recollections, queer establishments, liquor and kittens and the cool Native arts

Where the Warehouse Never Wanes

A two-part exhibit looking back at Warehouse 21 brings the nostalgia front and center

From 1996 to 2017, Warehouse 21 was the place for all things cool for Santa Fe youth. It was where the punk scene found new blood, performances were the regular thing and a DIY philosophy gave the youth a sense of control over what they wanted to do—and how they wanted to shape their community. Warehouse 21 may be a thing of the past, but its influence still ripples throughout the community.

“I’ve collected 40 years of archival materials,” former executive director Ana Gallegos y Reinhardt tells SFR. “It means so much to me. [All of this] is a historical archive of youth culture in Santa Fe.”

These decades of materials form a two-part show, kicking off with shoutout to nostalgia opening Nov. 19 at the Vital Spaces Midtown Annex (1600 St. Michael’s Drive, The show’s curator and W21 alumnus Yvette Serrano is building a music-focused archival showcase for the first opening. The second show, Blast From the Past, A Tale of Two Warehouses, is curated by Gallegos y Reinhardt and various W21 alumni. It opens Dec. 10.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while,” Serrano says. “I grew up there, and my siblings and I had experiences through all the programs. The paths we’ve taken in life are really due to Warehouse 21.”

Both Serrano and Gallegos y Reinhardt sorted through thousands of items, which Reinhardt describes as anything and everything she could save during her tenure.

“[There’s] a lot of photography, some published articles that are relevant about things that happened with us and the city,” Gallegos y Reinhardt explains. “We’ve got lost and found artworks, too; sometimes just things people left behind, even things I found in the trash. A lot of it stems from teen angst and depression and those kinds of things. I saved a lot of it.”

shoutout to nostalgia leans heavily into the aesthetics: old flyers from shows Serrano helped promote, VHS tapes crammed with old concerts, a massive photo collection and more—all showcasing the importance of those days and how they churned out the leaders of artistic businesses and movements popular today.

“I was really drawn to that side of things,” Serrano adds. “In a way, this is about letting go and moving on. The time feels right for that.” (Riley Gardner)

Shoutout to Nostalgia: 6-9 pm Friday, Nov. 19. Free. Midtown Spaces Vital Annex, 1600 St. Michael’s Drive,

Night Time is the Right Time

Queer and do business stuff? Has the New Mexico OUT Business Alliance got an event for you! Join other LGBTQ+ business folk at a nighttime networking mixer along with Santa Fe HRA (the folks behind our fair city’s annual Pride festivities). Not only can you mingle with like-minded folks uniquely positioned to appreciate your work, you might just find your next collaborator, confidant or pal—all while enjoying fancy cocktails and feeling like the important, trend-setting community pillar you really are. Do we exaggerate? Maybe a little, but when it comes to doing biz in a small community like ours, can you ever have too many allies? (Alex De Vore)

PRIDE Business After Hours: 5:30 pm Thursday, Nov. 18. Free. Agave Restaurant & Lounge, 309 W San Francisco St., (505) 335-4530

Lap This Up

In existence for more than a decade, Santa Fe Spirits has been distilling the good stuff and partying with local events the entire time. Founder Colin Keegan’s a pretty cool guy, too, and if you’ve ever had a cocktail made with his locally crafted stuff, you know it’s the real deal. Even better, the folks behind the business appear to be animal lovers, too, and at the gloriously titled Whiskey for Whiskers event this weekend, they’ll help raise money for Felines & Friends New Mexico. Like most animal rescue operations, Felines & Friends counts on the generosity of kitty-loving fools such as yourself, and when a local powerhouse like Santa Fe Spirits sweetens the deal with special tastings, flights and snacks, well, you feel good and the cats feel good and everyone gets to do a little more than just send a check. (ADV)

Whiskey for Whiskers: 4:30 pm Friday, Nov. 19. $25. Santa Fe Spirits Distillery, 7505 Mallard Way, (505) 467-8892

Another Chance

If you missed out on this year’s return to an in-person Indian Market for whatever reason (travel, tickets, time, temperature, etc.), you’ll have another chance to check out work from Indigenous artists in an admittedly more subdued but no less excellent fashion. The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts Winter Indian Market returns to La Fonda on the Plaza with nearly 200 juried artists you might have caught at the big summer market (or not), a silent auction and more. Whether you’re adding to the collection, looking to catch the next big artist or simply love any massive gathering of intensely talented people, you’re bound to find something worth texting people about. It could be like, “OMG. Just saw most byoo-tee-full art of all time.” And then your friend will be like “K,” but you’ll know it was cool and that makes it worth it. (ADV)

SWAIA Winter Indian Market: 9 am-5 pm Saturday, Nov. 20 and 10 am-3 pm Sunday, Nov. 21. $10-$15. La Fonda on the Plaza, 100 E San Francisco St., (505) 982-5511

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