Live and In-Person

David Berkeley plays honest-to-goodness live music at Tumbleroot next week

We always kind of feel bad for the Wednesday events as they drop the same day SFR does each week, leaving us to either write things like "It's in three hours from when the paper hits the streets!" or "Don't forget this a week from now!" With that in mind, don't forget what we're about to tell you when it's a week from now, because indie/Americana singer-songwriter David Berkeley rides again—on Wednesday, April 7 at recently reopened Midtown haunt Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery (

"I feel very good and very safe about doing it outside," Berkeley tells SFR. "It's going to be spread out, at 50% capacity and I just got my first vaccine today, so I feel safe."

Berkeley's been one of those online streaming performers over the duration of the pandemic, and his last album, Oh Quiet World, was all about grappling with the startling new realities of a post-COVID world. Still, he says, writing songs meant to mend, spur or even quantify ideas of loss, connection and, ultimately, healing, is just his basic deal.

"One thing that became clear to me through playing a ton of online shows is that a lot of my music speaks to challenges we face," he explains. "Challenges of fears we face, overcoming fears and trying to show each other support and love. I find a lot of my old material resonates now."

As this is one of the first bigger events to go down in Santa Fe since early 2020, Berkeley assembled a who's-who of local talent including violinist Karina Wilson, bassist Josh Martin (who arrives soon on loan from the great city of Los Angeles), plus guitarist Ben Wright and drummer Paul Groetzinger of D Numbers.

"It's basically [Grateful Dead] tribute act Detroit Lightning," Berkeley says with a laugh. "But more seriously, my music tries to be cathartic and emotionally honest, and my songs address what is going on, but they also ultimately try to find the light in it." (Alex De Vore)

David Berkeley:
7 pm Wednesday, April 7. $10-$20.
Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery,

The Worst Tattoo

kNow Productions

As the Holocaust raged on in Europe, prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp and its satellite sites became the only ones with serial numbers tattooed on their persons. But even in that one camp, 400,000 Jewish prisoners wound up permanently marked. What sort of long-lasting ramifications could result from such an indelible reminder of one of the lowest and most harrowing chapters of human history? The ongoing Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival and the Center for Contemporary Arts team up with the Jewish Federation of New Mexico to stream Numbered, a 2012 documentary from filmmakers Dana Doron and Uriel Sinai that aimed to answer that very question through interviews with those who still bear the tattoo to this day. (ADV)

All day Thursday, April 1-Wednesday, April 7. Free.


Dick And Wayne
If you’re willing to take some advice, we strongly recommend finding out about whatever’s going down at Foto Forum Santa Fe week to week and then swinging by to catch the photographic excellence. This week, it just so happens to be a “solo” show from twin collaborators Jason and Jesse Pearson (who create under the name Dick and Wayne), who dive into a shared history from differing perspectives and experiences. Think of it like a museum-esque glimpse into the shared life of siblings with forays into other visual media and a rather intriguing one coin, two sides premise. Founder Sage Paisner truly has an eye for the strange and one-of-a-kind, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else remotely like this in town. After the opening, the show will phase to a by-appointment protocol. (ADV)

A Solo Show by Dick and Wayne Opening:
5-7 pm Friday, April 2. Free.
Foto Forum Santa Fe,
1714 Paseo de Peralta, 470-2582.

Lucy Dreaming

Jill Stokesbury

With things like more vaccinations, higher temperatures and just plain boredom pushing you ever further out of our homes, we could do a lot worse than a responsible daytrip to li'l old Madrid. The weirdest (and proudly so) little town in the region has all kinds of galleries and shops and eateries to visit, and this particular week heralds a live mid-morning performance from Americana/folk singer-songwriter Lucy Barna at popular main drag restaurant The Hollar. If you're safe, they will be, too, and Barna's smooth and sweet voice feels like a great accompaniment to your return to the world at large. Order something tasty and breathe a little easier from behind that mask. We're in the endgame now (we hope). (ADV)

Lucy Barna:
11:30 am-2:30 pm Sunday, April 4. Free.
The Hollar,
2489 Hwy. 14, Madrid, 471-2481