Cowgirl Up

Cowgirl BBQ is back up and running, and the outdoor music offerings are many

Back in November, Cowgirl BBQ owner/chef Patrick Lambert announced the restaurant/music venue would shut its doors for three months to weather the COVID-19 business slowdown. Cut to today, and as cases drop, vaccinations rise and locals get ready to resume their bustling lives, the longtime music and dining hotspot is back at it with a new online ordering system and a full slate of live entertainment offerings—all of which, of course, go down with safe masking and social distancing practices.

"We are back!" says Lambert. "We reopened on March 1, and that's really been our message—that we're back—and we decided we were going to commit to a music calendar right away. We came back with a new website; and the music calendar stretches as far as we're booked."

Just this week alone, you'll find patio performances from Matt Jones, DK Warner, Kyle Martin, Bill Hearne and more, and though Lambert says the majority of performers will play in solo or duo form, the same vibe for which the ol' C-Girl is known remains intact. That means rock and country and country-rock, Americana, covers, originals, lots of acoustic guitars and who even knows what else yet.

Even better?

"Over 90% [of employees] came back," Lambert says, "and it's the -employees who have made the level of business tenable—we have the most incredible staff—but the outpouring of support from the community is enough to make you cry. It's been such fabulous support."

If you want to add your voice to the support chorus, hit up the Cowgirl whenever you get the chance (or visit to formulate a plan). Just make sure you observe the current house rules and be cool about masks and such. Oh, and say hi to Bill Hearne for us. (Alex De Vore)

Cowgirl BBQ Events:
Various times all week. Free.
319 S Guadalupe St., 982-2565

Dream On

Courtesy Fronteristxs

OK, so Biden isn't really getting those kids out of the concentration camps on and around the US/Mexico border like he said he would, and it's looking more and more like this fight is just beginning. What do most folks truly know about the situation? Not much, probably, but Santa Fe has a nonprofit to help with that—-Santa Fe Dreamers Project, an organization which has provided legal representation to DACA recipients, incarcerated immigrants and others over the years. This week, its workers present an webinar update on immigration policy as we phase into a new presidential administration. Remember, it's not mandatory to love Biden or the things he's doing. (ADV)

Santa Fe Dreamers Project Webinar:
5 pm Thursday, March 25. Free.

Let Your Hair Down

Courtesy Currents Facebook

We all knew that when the CURRENTS New -Media opened up a brick-and-mortar space on Canyon Road, we could probably expect an ongoing chunk of the annual affair's weirdness on the regular—and the space does not disappoint this week. We're talkin' R A P U N Z E L, a pop-up event from artists Morgan Green and Andrew Bearnot that finds an AI program printing out digital strands of hair. Haha! Woah! Word is, each printed segment will be wholly different from the last and, according to the online event invite, Green and Bearnot's program produces "boundless hairlike images." We're not even sure what this will mean, all told, but we almost can't wait to find out. (ADV)

R A P U N Z E L:
Noon-4 pm Friday, March 26. Free.
Currents 826, 826 Canyon Road,

Chile, Chile, Chile

Wikimedia Commons

You know you're a New Mexican when there's this weird part of you that feels straight-up proud of our state's place of honor in the chile pantheon. Or when you start planning how you're going to smother that burrito you're going to eat days from now. Or when you have a different red/green/X-mas preference from restaurant to restaurant. But do you know enough about where it comes from, how it happens or who's behind the whole deal? If not (or even if so), an upcoming online lecture from El Rancho de Las Golondrinas aims to educate. Lecturers/New Mexico State University scientists/all-around chile lovers Fabian Garcia and Roy Nakayama's New Mexico Chile Kings sounds hot as hell. Actually, we might call La Choza right now. (ADV)

New Mexico's Chile Kings:
6 pm Tuesday, March 30. Free.