Little Glimpse Beyond the Horizon

"We're well past the time when we can safely ignore events happening on the other side of the world."

The Santa Fe Council on Inter-national Relations is where foreign policy geeks go to be blissful. Its lectures are highly informative, especially for the less-informed folks, so the upcoming Ethiopia at a Crossroads talk is another wonderful addition to the ongoing lecture series.

Ephraim Isaac, a noted Harvard scholar whose peacemaking efforts in Europe, Africa and the Middle East have brought him international renown, takes center stage with retired Ambassador Vicki Huddleston. Both come together to discuss the big questions and to dive into the African nation's current crisis and the geopolitical future.

So why should Santa Feans be interested it what's happening in East Africa?

"We believe in the incredible importance of educating people as global citizens, and central to global citizenry is a rich understanding of events in other countries. In this time of globalization, our lives are all intently interwoven," says Sandy Campbell, executive director of the Santa Fe Council on International Relations. "Further, in Santa Fe we're blessed with an amazingly global community and robust set of global connections. In possessing deeper, more refined information about the current context in Ethiopia, as elsewhere, we can take more informed actions—for instance, by using our consumer power to support or boycott products, or by demanding the US government take a different or more enlightened approach to the region."

SFCIR's past events (including with former CIA Director Michael Morrell and UN Ambassador Susan Rice) have been huge sellers with commendable impact on the community's knowledge of the world around them.

"We're well past the time when we can safely ignore events happening on the other side of the world," Campbell adds. "In 2021, our highly connected world demands we know what is happening so that we can promote and support an agenda of human rights for all." (Riley Gardner)

Ethiopia at a Crossroads: Africa's Oldest Country Confronts an Existential Crisis:
10 am Thursday, Jan. 7. $10.

Diamonds Art Rust—Am I right? Anyone?


If you've got a longing for the 'ol folk rock days, it might knock your socks off to know celebrated and bonafide folk legend Joan Baez has a virtual art show (you read that right—an art show) going down through the auspices of AMP Concerts. A follow-up to her solo visual arts debut, –Mischief Makers 2 includes a guided tour, a sweet interview with Baez herself and a promise of various surprises, which we'll assume means something joyous. It's not a concert, mind you, but it's still Joan Baez, and we like seeing Joan Baez no matter what Joan Baez is doing. (RG)

Joan Baez Virtual Reception:
6:30 pm Saturday, Jan. 9. $15-$20.

Get Around, ‘Round

SFR File Photo

If Trump did nothing else for this country, he got a whole lot of people who spent years saying "I don't really pay attention to politics," to engage. Sure, it was out of fear, but people seem to want more information than ever—or at least more access to their representatives. Know what would be good for that? The upcoming 2021 Virtual Roundhouse, an event from the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and the New Mexico Hospitality Association. You'll be able to get in on one-on-one convos with your elected officials ahead of the session beginning Jan. 19, visit virtual booths, learn what's what when it comes to state legislation and generally just become a political mastermind…or something like it.
(Alex De Vore)

2021 Virtual Roundhouse:
10 am-5 pm Monday, Jan. 11. Free.

About Face

Courtesy Saddle Road Press

Add another one to your docket of upcoming virtual events, this time for author Marcia Meier. Her memoir, Face, explores her struggles of physical trauma and emotional rejection following a major car accident when she was a kid. Meier still endures her fair share of struggles, and her reading will delve into those experiences as well as the deeper spiritual revelations emerging as her journey for love and acceptance continues. Collected Works keeps bringing the most thought-provoking authors to town, whether in person or in these Zoom-y times, don't you think? (RG)

Marcia Meier: Face: A Memoir Virtual Reading:
6 pm Tuesday, Jan. 12. Free.