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Ongoing I Got a Story to Tell event makes the jump to video

"I couldn't figure out if I was willing to be that vulnerable, but if I was going to be that vulnerable, I wanted it to be good," Lara Rabkin says. The co-owner of Santa Fe design firm Caba Company, Rabkin is the subject of the next installment of I Got a Story to Tell, a formerly live series of talks from Black Santa Feans spear- headed by local culture powerhouse Raashan Ahmad.

"I think I finally agreed I'd be willing to do one at the end of normal times, the beginning of pandemic," Rabkin continues. "We started to talk a little bit about how we were feeling with all the police brutality, being isolated and Black in this town and, in my case, feeling really unseen by people."

Ahmad says he originally kicked off the series to find Black community, but he expects it to grow and evolve over time. For Rabkin, who grew up in Santa Fe, participating was about helping out Ahmad (the two are friends) and also getting some things off her chest that have been there for some time.

"In a lot of ways, the trauma we're all experiencing in the world feels a little bit like an actual manifestation of feelings I've carried inside of me," she explains. "I think [Raashan's] focus is to have people discuss their experience being Black in Santa Fe, being at the core and all of us having all these different sort of experiences."

For Rabkin, this has meant anything from cultural and interpersonal struggle and navigating an event during high school wherein a respected Santa Fe institution practically hosted a slave auction—plus everyday white supremacy, absurd assumptions about racial roles and straight-up racism.

"I believe it will be spontaneous and honest," she tells SFR. "I didn't have notecards or things I wanted to make sure to hit…this was focused on me being a biracial girl and my experience growing up in Santa Fe and how that all feels in these times."

Future guests include Jambo Café's Ahmed Obo, therapist Shakaya McFarland and many others. Head to to catch Rabkin's story and others. (Alex De Vore)

I Got a Story to Tell: Lara Rabkin:
All day Tuesday, Dec. 1. Free.

A Folky Thanksgiving

Of all the New Mexico folklorico musicians, there's one who stands head and shoulders above the rest as a sort of beacon of traditional music, and that's Cipriano Vigil. The celebrated guitar-building, folk-singing El Rito resident has been at it for decades, carving out a niche for himself as the go-to keeper of ballads, waltzes and more. In 2016, Vigil told SFR he'd sneak out of his house at night during his childhood to hear touring musicians play, and that forging a connection to folklorico has helped as both a means of catharsis and an ongoing reminder of history. Vigil streams live through the Museum of International Folk Art as a Thanksgiving celebration, and the whole thing's free. (ADV)

Cipriano Vigil:
7 pm Wednesday, Nov. 25. Free.

Bevy and Chevy

It's a little early to start talking Christmas, but since nothing about 2020 has been even remotely normal, that's OK. Besides—this one's a doozy. So, you know how National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ranks up there among the classics among comedy fans? Well, consider- ing its pedigree and its place in the cinematic pantheon, it's a pretty big deal that the Lensic has set up a livestreamed event with stars Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo wherein they'll not only play the film, they'll share never-before- seen clips, behind-the-scenes stories and other- wise interface with any comedy fans looking to deepen their connection with the beloved film. In summation? Comedy legends beam into your home. Merry Christmas. (ADV)

Christmas with the Griswolds:
6 pm Saturday, Nov. 28. $25-$150.

3-Ish in Dog Years

You like dogs, right? Of course you do! They're nature's greatest achievement (suck it, Half Dome!). You also like the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, right? Obviously! They're no-kill, they've got the best dog parks around and the Thaw Vet Clinic is tops! OK, last question: You like helping, right? Duh! You do, and you like helping dogs and animal shelters while you're at it. Thus, with the upcoming 24th annual Barkin' Ball (now in virtual form), you can catch up on heartwarming shelter stories, hear from Shirley MacLaine and other Santa Fe celebs plus, you don't have to put on real clothes. Win-win, we say. (ADV)

24th Annual Barkin' Ball:
All day Tuesday, Dec. 1. Free (but you should donate).