Crank It Up

Cranksgiving goes on despite the pandemic

In a "normal" year on a weekend in November, dozens of people would gather on their bikes or get ready to ride on a cool morning with $15 to $20 in their pockets, an empty backpack and a bike lock, ready for another Cranksgiving food drive. Operating in teams or as individuals, Santa Feans would rush all over town buying specific food items from a list handed out by event organizers and then pedal as quickly as possible back to the home-base brewery.

Not in 2020.

While Santa Fe's Cranksgiving is still going forward on Nov. 14 and multiple teams have already registered to ride, the event almost didn't happen this year, according to Bill Lane, an employee at Bicycle Technologies International and one of the event's chief organizers.

"The Food Depot does not have the ability to muster volunteers to do their usual food donation sorting activity, and that almost stopped us in our tracks this year because what's a food drive without food?" Lane tells SFR.

This year, Cranksgiving riders will register online and pre-order a turkey for $20, then pick up their turkeys from the designated Albertsons in Santa Fe and pedal them to a waiting refrigerated truck provided by The Food Depot. Teams and individuals can pick up the birds and complete the "migration" anytime between 7 am and 2 pm.

The goal is to reach 500 birds donated this year, and with well over 450 already donated, everything else should be easy as riding a bicycle. (Katherine Lewin)

7 am Saturday Nov. 14. $15-$20.

Journalism Fever

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Right up until Jan. 20, we're still going to have a president who actively tries to get journalists killed. The damage of "fake news" rhetoric persists and the days of the American public simply trusting the news folk are long since gone. But still we fight and still we serve. Enter the Journalism Under Fire virtual conference from the Santa Fe Council on International Relations. With nearly a month of programming featuring journalists from The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New York Times and various smaller outlets, it ought to provide comforting insight into the world of reporting—one that has potentially grown more important than ever in a world of dizzying facts, figures, politics and culture. This is gonna be a good one. (Alex De Vore)

Journalism Under Fire:
Various times Wednesday, Nov. 11-Thursday, Dec. 3. $8-$120.

Friends Forever


In our never-ending quest to bring you usable content with super-cool Santa Feans, we're kicking off our Bring a Friend virtual conversation series. Starting this week, SFR's Alex De Vore and Katherine Lewin will engage notable locals in freewheeling conversations about issues facing our community and region while, hopefully, learning something and having a good time. We kick things off with Jess Clark, education and prevention manager for Solace Crisis Treatment Center. Clark has spent the last decade focused on interrogating systems of oppression and exploring queer/trans masculinities as violence prevention. Future guests include attorney Daniel Yohalem, artist/activist Tigre Bailando and more. It's free, but you can also donate to Friends of the Reporter if you're so inclined. (ADV)

Bring a Friend Series:
5:30 pm Thursday, Nov. 12. Free.

Aural Pleasure

Courtesy IAIA

Ever stop to notice the absolute symphony of naturally occurring sounds around you? No, seriously—try it real quick right now. Maybe a bird's singing? Leaves rustling? Even in your home, you're rarely ensconced in silence, but whereas this could prove maddening to some, it's a vast opportunity to others. Field recording is the process of picking up natural sounds for later use, and it's one of the most dynamic and all-encompassing tools in the audio engineer toolkit. You'd be surprised how often you interact with the field—in films and on albums, in silly little videos you watch online. Teacher Justin Brierly knows this better than most and offers the Intro to Acoustic Ecology class through the Institute of American Indian Arts' Continuing Education Program. (ADV)

Intro to Acoustic Ecology:
6 pm Tuesday, Nov. 17. $10.