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Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta lives online and that's surely better than nothing

We like our excuses to drink fine booze and eat chile in Santa Fe, and you'll probably not find a better coming together of those pastimes than the annual Wine & Chile Fiesta. But a pandemic's afoot—quelle surprise! How does one take part?

Well, there are a number of ways to still get down with the fiesta, but for our money it comes down to a trio of online events this week with local food glitterati, and you might even learn a thing or two.

It officially starts Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 11 am with Geronimo owner/chef Sllin Cruz's virtual walkthrough of dishes like a potato leek soup and rack of lamb, plus wine pairings from Sonoma Valley's Jordan Winery and Vineyard.

If you missed out on that one, don't fret, because at 3 pm on Thursday, Sept. 24, James Beard Award-nominated chef behind Martín Rios of Restaurant Martín will demonstrate how to create a blue fin tuna appetizer and a blue nose bass entree from his eatery's menu. Additionally, Rios pairs the dishes with wines both foreign and domestic. Word on the street is a nice chardonnay is on the docket.

And if you miss out on that one, celebrated foodie, author and BBQ mainstay Cheryl Alters Jamison hosts a similar get-down on Saturday, Sept. 26 at 11 am. Jamison will reportedly drive home the importance of smoke and spice when it comes to preparing meats for that fall-off-the-bone goodness and BBQ flavor we all dream about. And while your uptown sensibilities might have never thought to pair wine with BBQ, probably shocking Billy Joel in the process, you'd be dead wrong—and Jamison'll show you how. Oh, and she's also making a tuna dip.

At $35 apiece, these Zoom webinars are a great intro to deceptively easy dishes and the wines that work so well with them. And there are many more classes and demos and virtual tastings left otherwise. Here's to more of a mass gathering Wine & Chile Fiesta in 2021! (Alex De Vore)

Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta Virtual Cooking Demos:
Slln Cruz:
11 am Wednesday, Sept. 23. $35.
Martín Rios:
3 pm Thursday, Sept. 24. $35.
Cheryl Alters Jamison:
3 pm Saturday, Sept. 26. $35.


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Back in June we pointed out how local nonprofit Littleglobe was navigating the dark times by creating, filming and presenting the New Mexico-centric online program Littleglobe TV. The producers have kept it going this whole time and are finaly ready to present the fifth episode in the series this week, Epicenter: Stories from Midtown Santa Fe. By joining with the Santa Fe Art Institute, Littleglobe sheds light on the oft-misunderstood section of town that plays host to exciting locales like the shuttered university, the nearby residential neighborhoods and the locally owned businesses we might not know. Think of it like a wonderful, educational and fun time capsule that both proves Santa Feans have a lot of heart and that there are still corners of the town you've left unexplored. (ADV)

LittleglobeTV Episode 5:
7 pm Thursday, Sept. 24. Free.

Burning Band

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Hard to believe it's been a year since mathy-slash-proggy megaband The Blackout Pictures released their debut, Zebraroom—especially since the fearsome fivesome released brand new full-length Pyres just this week. It's the same frenetic style you should know and love, but with a tighter focus and a notable new level of maturity in songwriting. They're clicking, which is obvious on certified dark new wave banger "The Nature of Time;" they're expanding like on the upbeat and shreddy "The Phoenician Sailor." Actually, know what? I'm just gonna call it right now—this is the best and most exciting band operating in Santa Fe right now. Guess you better catch their livestream performance this week, huh? (ADV)

The Blackout Pictures Album Debut Livestream:
7 pm Sunday, Sept. 27. Free.

Southside Veggies

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Consider this a public service announcement: The Santa Fe Farmers Market del Sur will shutter for the season after Tuesday, Sept. 29. Some of you might be wondering why that's such a big deal—there's always the Railyard version, right? Well, sure there is…if you like waking up at the crack of dawn and traveling into the heart of downtown. Maybe you don't live near there. Maybe you like fresh veggies but prefer an afternoon shopping experience. Yes, the Southside market has all these things and so much more, so you'll wanna hit that up for this last glorious romp before the wintertime sadsies set in and you're for sure back to early rising for those sweet, sweet farmer's goods. (ADV)

Santa Fe Farmers Market del Sur:
3-6 pm Tuesday, Sept. 29. Free.
4801 Beckner Road,