I Want to Believe

Illegal Aliens get to livestreaming through The Decibel Foundry recording studio

For years we've been trying to tell you that local metalhead and champion of recording, promotions and sick-ass long hair Augustine Ortiz has the best interests of the town in mind. He does a whole lot for folks who want a little more from music than "It had a nice rhythm and I wasn't threatened by any of it."

Similarly, local act Illegal Aliens have long fought an uphill battle in the hopes to bring fast and heavy punk-slash-metal tunes to an unsuspecting Santa Fe, and shows prior to the pandemic were crazy fun, a little bit metal and even a little bit therapeutic in their ferocity.

Enter pandemic. Exit live shows. What's a music fan to do if they've grown tired of watching some Americana dweeb play a bunch of fucking Townes Van Zandt songs via livestream like that's anything other than kind of sad? Well, it turns out Ortiz has invested some serious bucks into his studio's livestreaming capabilities, and with new audio, video and lighting equipment leading the way, he'll host shows with local bands that far surpass most everything else happening around here right now (with respect to AMP Concerts' excellent streaming work). Illegal Aliens perform at the first-ever stream.

"I wanted to do this to provide a live outlet for bands during COVID-19 and even potentially reach a broader audience," Ortiz tells SFR. "Video is needed now and even more in the future for bands. Having this setup and platform will give them a video presence online and assets that they can use to make other videos as well."

Ortiz also says we can expect future shows from bands like Devil's Throne, The Blackout Pictures and Article 15. Plus, the whole thing's free (though you can and should totally donate to keep the dream alive). Either way, get ready for the insanity of Illegal Aliens.

Illegal Aliens Virtual Show:
7 pm Friday, Sept. 18. Free.

For the Love of God—Vote!

Back in the early days of 2016 we all laughed and razzed and made Trump jokes, but we're not laughing now—because it excites the Nazis sexually. Take this solemn truth and commit yourself to voting this year. And look, we get that it's stressful—so does New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, and that's precisely why she's appearing at a public Zoom meeting with the folks from Represent Us New Mexico. A melange of political viewpoints, the organization aims to address corruption within the legal and social systems surrounding American elections, and Toulouse Oliver is here to help with info on navigating the stressful voting process. Whatever happens, just make sure to cast your vote. (ADV)

Represent Us New Mexico General Meeting:
6:30 pm Thursday, Sept. 17. Free.

Drink Up

Courtesy IAIA

It's pretty adorable how a huge number of those stuck at home during the pandemic took a look around and said "That's it—I'm learning how to bake bread or cook something cool or make healthy drinks!" That last item might be a little specific, but just in case you have been looking to learn how to make a healthy, quaffable bevvie in the comfort of your own home, the Institute of American Indian Arts has the online class for you. At the upcoming Traditional Foods & Cooking: Healthy Drinks webinar, instructor Roxanne Best (Colville Tribe) teaches a thing or two about nut milks, berry and watermelon waters and what sounds like a delightful apple cinnamon tea. You'll be drinking in style in no time while feeling handy as hell. (ADV)

Traditional Foods & Cooking: Healthy Drinks:
Noon-1pm Friday, Sept. 18. $8.

Dance, Dance, Dance

If it's Saturday, Sept. 19, that can only mean one thing—it's National Dance Day, and you should something-something like nobody's watching. But what to do for those who've never sashayed into the movement realm? What to do for those with two left feet? Fear not, intrepid shakers, for Albuquerque-based Keshet Center for the Arts is embracing the shaking of hips with a free virtual lesson. Simply email info@keshetarts.org to claim your own free class, and then maybe take a look at all the other offerings in case it turns out you love doing it. With adult workshops, youth camps and all kinds of styles crammed into one totally-doable-and-affordable online system, you'll be set for the post-pandemic party. Score one for you. (ADV)

Free Virtual Dance Class: