Say Yay to Neigh

Team Everything takes over HIPICO Santa Fe

If there's one silver lining to be found within the pandemic world of weird-ass shows that require workaround solutions to people being unable to stand near one another, it's that local DJ cohort Team Everything can bring the magic of its annual Mesa Por Vida event to the masses.

Before, you just kind of had to be in the know to get down with the yearly dance party (it's more about logistics than TE not wanting everyone in the world there), but this year's constraints forced its squadron of champs to work with AMP Concerts for the upcoming event, Team Everything's Horse Power—a real-life, in-person, non-streaming event at Santa Fe's premier horse event locale accomplished by providing safely distanced parking spots/dance floors for music fans.

"The appeal of streaming events is starting to fade for me, personally, and I'm guessing that's true for others," says Paul Groetzinger, aka DJ Feathericci. "So this is really special—we get to dance, we get to hear loud music, we get to be in a grassy field together. A lot of the pieces are there."

As always, Groetzinger and company lean into the wild and wooly world of obscure yet danceable house and techno jams. And while stalwart TE names like Bacon, erin e, and Spoolius Mélange will hit the stage alongside Feathericci for killer sets, the real feather in the cap, so to speak, is the appearance from Alex Simon, aka Tone Ranger, whose smooth Southwestern-inspired takes on electronic tunes are both musically soothing and mathematically fascinating.

"We're also going to do a team everything tag-team set to close the night," Groetzinger adds, noting that while everyone will share the stage for that set, masks and distancing will be observed. "There's just something so exciting about having five of us up there DJing together, taking turns—it feels more like a party, and I think that will translate to the audience."

Team Everything's Horse Power:
7 pm Friday, Sept. 11. $55-$88 (per carload).
HIPICO Santa Fe,
100 S Polo Drive,

High Caliber 

Public Domain

Chances are you've got a gun or two sitting someplace in your house collecting dust. Or maybe you've just outgrown the need or desire to own firearms? Either way you're in luck, because the folks at nonprofit New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence are kicking off their tenth gun buyback event this week at the Santa Fe Police Department, and it's a safe way to surrender a weapon and make a few bucks while you're at it. From 10 am-2 pm this Saturday, simply show up and anonymously trade in your pistols, long guns, semi-auto rifles or handguns and receive a gift card between $100 and $250. No one will ask questions, either.

Gun Buyback 2020:
10 am-2 pm Saturday, Sept. 12. Free.
Santa Fe Police Department,
2515 Camino Entrada,

Voice Lessons

Courtesy Jim Dale

Look, Just because JK Rowling turned out to be TERF trash who was forced to return her Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Award for her hateful, transphobic rhetoric doesn't mean that voice actor Jim Dale sucks. Dale shot to international superstardom as the narrator of the Harry Potter books on tape, proving to be a gifted voice actor and man of a thousand voices. Or, like, dozens, anyway. Dale joins Lensic Performing Arts Center head Joel Aalberts for a discussion on his vocal work, comedy and more, and while it's an afternoon/online kinda thing, it's totally free. That rules, so maybe you could donate a buck or two while you're taking in the yuks? Don't forget to register through the Lensic site. (ADV)

Artist Spotlight: Jim Dale:
2 pm Sunday, Sept. 13. Free.

In Your Face, Colorado!

You know how Colorado keeps trying to horn in on the New Mexico chile thing? Not only is it absurd and pointless (ours is better, the end), we're also fairly sure their local bookstores aren't throwing together online events dedicated to the noble chile. Author and certified chile genius Dave DeWitt joins former Coyote Café chef/owner Mark Miller by Zoom to discuss Chile Peppers: A Global History, DeWitt's magnum opus book of the spiciest proportions. You can thank Collected Works for putting the thing on, especially if you've always wanted to add historical know-how to the next time you look at an X-mas burrito with tears of joy streaming down your face.

Chile Peppers: A Global History Discussion:
6 pm Tuesday, Sept. 15. Free.