A New Kind of Tailgating

Nosotros, AMP Concerts revive the in-person concert

You've surely read countless pieces by now about how the future of live music is in some sort of free fall. Singing, it turns out, is a great way to transmit COVID-19, and band members who've chosen to shelter in place aren't able to get together to rehearse as easily anymore. But for those brave few who do want to put in the time and effort to throw together a live show, there's gotta be a way to make it happen, right?

Right, and that way is in the form of AMP Concert's new drive-in concert series. The first ever event with Grateful Dead tribute act Detroit Lightning went down a number of weeks ago, and after ironing out some kinks and working through the no-doubt mountainous levels of considerations, celebrated local Latin rock/jazz act Nosotros is gearing up to play another one of those bad boys.

This time, the show goes down at HIPICO Santa Fe, the horsiest of horse zones in town—and one with ample room to park one's car and maybe even get out of said vehicle without fear you're going to kill someone or get sick yourself. AMP has worked out the proper amount of space needed to make a socially distant show possible (maybe The Chainsmokers should have asked founder Neal Copperman and Santa Fe head Jamie Lenfestey how to go about their nefarious Hamptons shit-show?), and they've worked out how to charge a reasonable fee for carloads of concert-goers.

As for Nosotros, well…they haven't won Best Band in SFR's annual Best of Santa Fe issue the last few years for nothing. With a blend of traditional salsa, bachata and cumbia sounds layered with rock elements and a jazzy backbone, they're pretty much the danciest, sexiest bunch of emmer-effers around. So whether you know their sound or are just looking to finally get out of the house, here's your chance. Just remember you must buy your tickets online through holdmyticket.com, and you must be cool about not trying to cram everyone you ever met into your car. Otherwise, have a good time! (Alex De Vore)

Nosotros Drive-In/Tailgate:
8 pm Friday, August 14. $44-$110.
HIPICO Santa Fe, 100 S Polo Drive,

Send a Kid to School

Courtesy IAIA

You probably already know, but it bears repeating: The Institute for American Indian Arts (that's IAIA to you, jabronis) is one of the most incredible schools in all the land. With classes in anything from creative writing and poetry to printmaking, sculpture, art history, museum studies and beyond, it's the sort of place that churns out generation after generation of creative tastemakers and looks good while doing so. But schooling doesn't come cheap, and those scholarships aren't gonna fund themselves. That's why the school is hosting an online auction to raise bucks for its scholarship fund with works by Tony Abeyta (Navajo), Tazbah Gaussoin (Picuris Pueblo/Navajo), Caroline Lucero Carpio (Isleta Pueblo) and many more. Today (being Wednesday, August 12) is the last day to register and get those bids in—better hurry if you're gonna help the kids. (ADV)

IAIA Scholarships Shape Futures Online Auction:
All day Wednesday, August 12. Free to look.

Glass Clowns

Courtesy Blue Rain Gallery

For years we've been enamored with Seattle-based glass artist Dan Friday and his beautiful creations. And though we've not been as familiar with glass artist Preston Singletary, who also hails from Washington, the most recent works we've seen have been mind-blowing examples of sheer artistry and skill. Even better, Friday and Singleton are coming together this week for a pair of glassblowing demos courtesy of the fine folks at Blue Rain Gallery. Not only will you see works by two champions at the top of their respective games, you'll find insight into how they make it happen. Glassblowing is a satisfying medium to observe anyway—why not sweeten the deal with two of the country's very best? Yeah, that's what we thought. (ADV)

Dan Friday and Preston Singletary Glassblowing Demos:
11 am-3 pm Friday, August 14 and Saturday, August 15. Free.
Blue Rain Gallery,
544 S Guadalupe St.,

Don’t Forget the Market

Public Domain

The seemingly endless string of canceled summertime events cuts deep, but it's proportionately amazing to watch fine organizations around town regroup and reengage their communities with robust online programming. Take the annual SWAIA Indian Market event, for example. Generally speaking, the market would bring thousands to Santa Fe, help make money for Native artists—in some cases, the bulk of their income for the year—fill our hotels and bring bucks to servers, galleries, retail businesses and on and on. While many of those things will surely suffer in 2020, the Southwest Association for Indian Arts' move into the virtual realm has the potential to help save countless artists and workers from financial ruin. The only missing piece is you. Head online to find interesting programming and sales opportunities throughout the month—and maybe buy a little extra with the money you saved not buying a plane ticket? (ADV)

Through August.