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Madrid Film Festival still in search of submissions 

As luck would have it (so to speak), film fests are pretty well-positioned to take their offerings online. The infrastructure exists to slap a movie into the web and beam it out to the masses; it is, in fact, kind of easier (we still love movie theaters, though). Of course, that kind of means we're in a position where we need more movies. Even with some states allowing their film crews to go back to work, there's been a definite lull spurred by coronavirus.

Enter the 3rd Annual Madrid Film Festival, an event that'll probably hit your internets later this summer, but that's still in search of films right now.

"The reality of the situation, our idea right now, is that we certainly want to put this festival on, and we want to do it in the smartest, safest way possible," says co-founder Andrew Wice who, along with musician/celebrated theater werido Joe West created the fest a couple years back.

"What that means is a little hard to see, so we are researching a bunch of options," Wice continues, "but encouraging filmmaking is still full steam ahead."

This year even comes with some $500 cash prizes—a festival first thanks to the Kind World Foundation—the fest's becoming a nonprofit entity and, according to Wice, some pretty killer submissions from film industry workers who took their downtime and turned it into "these unbelievably polished films."

That translates out to experience, though none is needed to submit. Previous years have proven a comedic respite from the world, and though Wice notes a pattern of slightly more somber films this time out, the silly ones are still happening.

"The comedies are coming in," he says, "but they seem more sincere and heartfelt. They're handled with finesse."

There is, of course, more info at (and you can submit links to right now). You'll have til Monday, June 29 to do that, though, so hurry. (Alex De Vore)

3rd Annual Madrid Film Festival Submission Window:
Now-Monday June 29. Free.

Keep Trucking

Courtesy Carlos Ramirez

Downtown gallery KEEP Contemporary is back up and running and has a new group show opening this week called This, Too, Shall Pass. Find the trio of Jesse Hazelip, Carlos Ramirez and Katy Kidd showing new works that explore ideas of justice, empathy and violence through multiple practices such as painting and assemblage. "I knew this was always going to be a strong show and open up a conversation on inequality and police brutality," says curator Jared Antonio-Justo Trujillo, who notes the exhibit was in the works well before the recent protests, illustrating that problems of police violence against people of color are not even remotely new. "With the tragic events that are continuing to happen in the country, this exhibition has become even more powerful and relevant, and the artists voices need to be seen and heard." (ADV)

This, Too, Shall Pass:
5:05 pm Friday June 19. Free.
KEEP Contemporary,
142 Lincoln Ave.,

Treasure It

Courtesy Native Treasures

With all the big Santa Fe art markets going online this year, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. When it comes to the annual Native Treasures auction, however, getting involved is a whole lot easier thanks to a nifty online registration. Visit to link to a quick signup, and you'll be on the receiving end of insider information for the upcoming event, which features more than 150 Native artists showcasing their finest works. We're not saying it's perfect and we're not saying it's every bit as good as visiting with friends and seeing the stuff in real life. As far as these things go, however, it's still an easy and low-impact way to support working artists while adding to the old collection. Native Treasures runs Friday, June 19-Sunday, June 28. (ADV)

Native Treasures Online:
All Day Friday, June 19-Sunday, June 28. Free
(but buy stuff, obviously),

Outdoor Cat


Make sure you wear your mask if you plan on hitting up the newly added patio outside Guadalupe Street's Dinner for Two—you wouldn't want to spoil the ambiance. Speaking of which, the eatery's got an abundance of late, from the slick umbrellas outside to all the social distancing going down. Even better (or, like, just as good) is DJs hitting the outdoors to play the soundtrack to your meal. Phi's been keeping it locked down so far, but DJ BadCat is coming out of quarantine with a face-full of mask and some sick-ass beats to keep you company. We've known BadCat to spin jamz from the whole wide world of electronic music, but she tells us now that she'll "be playing what I would describe as a cross between sexy hotel lounge and rooftop sunset vibes." Yes. That. (ADV)

D42 Patio Sessions with DJ BadCat:
6 pm Saturday, June 20. Free.
Dinner For Two,
106 N Guadalupe St.,