Anything Else is Folly

Despite social distancing, Julesworks Follies must go on

The variety show was once as ubiquitous to viewing habits as the reality show has become today. Bits of high art (whatever that means) mingled with vaudeville, comedy, performance art and music, and one nebulous ball of entertainment was born. In Santa Fe, our version of this is known as Julesworks Follies, and from its home at the Jean Cocteau Cinema, it's been hosting shows at a regular clip as far back as anyone can remember (or wants to remember); the COVID-19 pandemic, it turns out, is no match for the creation of one Stephen Jules Rubin.

"As I wound up commenting in a thread on [Facebook] involving some notable artists in our community…I just feel like every little bit counts right now," Rubin tells SFR. "More than worrying about numbers is just ensuring people get any forum and outlet for their honest voice in whatever form artistically appeals."

In other words, Rubin and company phased from live performance to a taped version of the show, and for the upcoming 63rd iteration of Julesworks Follies, they're offering viewers the show for free. Switching to a non-live version, though, presented its challenges.

"It is weird," Rubin says, "although I dare say much of the weird is for the best in some ways—but it is very difficult and a lot more time required and work and focus."

Luckily, Rubin's team includes such illustrious local tastemakers as musician Gregg Turner, poet Melanie Lamb Faithful, celebrated weirdo Andy Kirkpatrick, theater champ Argos McCallum, puppet master Devon Ludlow and many more.

"Sharing a little bit of personal expression, belief, and beauty feels like adding a bit of needed flavor, color and light to the world," Rubin adds. "No matter how far it glows, at any level, it feels valid, needed and worth the time to add, even the tiniest amount, of positive ripples—for the sake of it." (Alex De Vore)

Julesworks Follies #63:
7 pm Sunday May 31. Free.

If You Build It…

Wikimedia Commons

Santa Fe's in the midst of a housing crisis, a Midtown campus redevelopment and an international health scare—so it's pretty safe to say that how we're going to live from here on out (and where) are things on everyone's minds. But rather than just shout into the void about how it's all not fair, there are certain things one can do to educate themselves and start a lively means of affecting their community. Enter ReVisioning History, a Zoom gathering hosted by Friends of Architecture Santa Fe and The Design Corps of Santa Fe wherein the public can learn from a design and planning committee about how getting involved with planning, preservation and other cool ideas often nets positive results. We assume other things will be discussed as well, particularly in the discussion panel. (ADV)

ReVisioning History:
3:45-5pm Thursday May 28. Free.


Courtesy Joe West

If you're tapped in to our state's Department of Cultural Affairs, you surely know that it (and its many offshoot institutions like, oh, I dunno—the freaking coolest museums around) have been working hard to provide artists with opportunities and New Mexicans with things to do. Of all the things, though, one of the easiest with which to engage is the Our Fair New Mexico concert series, wherein notable New Mexico musicians play a free show from a local institution for your streaming enjoyment. So far we've seen acts like Norteño duo Lone Piñon and Mariachi/comedy champ Carlos Medina, and this week finds country/Americana legend Joe West joining forces with Archie West at the Museum of International Folk Art for a taste of why the town's loved him since the dawn of time. It's free, it's online, what the hell else are you doing? (ADV)

Our Fair New Mexico Concert Series: Joe and Archie West:
7 pm Friday May 29. Free.

Some Randos

Genevieve Russell

We've been all about Axle Contemporary—the mobile gallery built within a retrofitted bread delivery truck—since way back, and we're double down with the new project from founders Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman. In the ongoing Random Inspirations, Axle's top brass pick a random word from a book on a Monday, then puts out the call for works based on that word. By the end of the week, a secret cabal of arts folks have chosen a winner from the submissions, and that creator strolls off into the sunset with $25 and a book from Axle's press. This is not only fun and clever, it's a great way to pass the time while folks are still unable to gather—we've got a word, too: Cool. Visit the Axle site for more info. (ADV)

Random Inspirations:
All Day Monday June 1. Free.