Free, Solo

Singer-songwriter Vonnie Kyle goes it alone

The rumors are true—local rock act Ten Ten Division has scattered to the winds, leaving its principal singer and songwriter Vonnie Kyle to her own devices in the form of a folky solo project.

"Essentially, Vonnie Kyle and Ten Ten Division are the same thing, and I was trying to keep the two separate because I thought they were very different things," Kyle tells SFR from the road, adding that with the sheer number of projects the band's members were part of, the math just didn't add up. "I needed to be able to put more time into the project than people could afford."

Not dissuaded, Kyle has doubled down on the solo act, touring more extensively in 2019 than ever before and attempting to write a song a week throughout the year. She made it to 33.

"August hit, and I was like 'Ohmygod! I have so much touring coming up, there's no way!'" she says. Still, 33 songs in a year is nothing to sneeze at, and some are kick-ass good.

Throwbacky song "Switchblade," for example, showcases Kyle's swingier takes on folk jams by way of Ani DiFranco—Kyle says, also, that her newer work is leaning in the DiFranco direction—and the neo-blues-meets-funk-meets-folk "Sorry When You're Gone" proves an introspective maturation on Kyle's part as a lyricist; she's plumbing the depths of her own soul for material which, she says, has only helped her evolve as a songwriter.

"The more time I spend writing, the more my playing changes," Kyle explains. "It's made me folkier and it's been more fun to experiment with my guitar playing."

Up next is more touring, work on a new album to be recorded in Minnesota, Kyle's homeland, and, of course, more writing. Santa Fe will remain her home base for now.

"It's a good hub for touring," Kyle says. "Honestly, I love…spreading my music to different states and finding the areas that suit me best." (Alex De Vore)

Vonnie Kyle: 
7 pm Thursday Jan. 9. Free.
Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery,
2731 Agua Fria St.,

Collaborative Culture

Courtesy Site Santa Fe/ Photo by Corey Hayes

Since its building redesign a few years back, contempo-cool art museum SITE Santa Fe has embraced a wider palette than ever when it comes to its cultural offerings. And though we wish we could go back in time and convince more people to see the concert from Los Angeles' Princess, we'll settle on letting everyone know about something they can still engage with—an exciting collaboration between SITE and another local institution, Serenata Santa Fe. The Serenata in SITE series finds a gaggle of musician types tackling compositions from various eras, and this week's Riffs and Digressions features soprano vocalist Gail Springer and pianist Yi-heng Yang digging into works by Leslie Wildman, Conrad Cummings, Frederic Rzewski and Eve Beglarian. Go early to see everything else. (ADV)

Serenata in Site: Riffs and Digressions
5:30 pm Friday Jan. 10. $20-$30.
SITE Santa Fe,
1606 Paseo de Peralta,

Dashing Through The Snow

Public Domain

One of the Sangre de Cristo's most high-octane, adrenaline-pumping races takes place next week. Courageous participants face a rugged 6-kilometer route behind Big Tesuque campground, and there's a lot at stake: The winners qualify for national championships and take home awards. I'm not talking about strapping on skis or snowboards, or even snowmobiling—this is the 2020 Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic, and while I joke about the danger, it's hard to exaggerate the fun. Even if you aren't at the top of your shoe game, traipsing through the woods with hundreds of other people sounds like a lovely time, and everyone takes home a neck gaiter. Don't drive individually, though: carpool or take the RTD blue bus Route 255 from Ft. Marcy Park. (Cole Rehbein)

2020 Santa Fe Snowshoe Classic:
9 am Saturday Jan. 11. $15-$25.
Big Tesuque Campground,
Hyde Park Road milepost 13.
Preregistration encouraged at

No More Years!

Anson Stevens-Bollen

Surprise! Your local alt.weekly newspaper staffed with people who strongly believe in art and music and community is left-leaning (as fuck)—and we're psyched to know the lion's share of our city's citizenry feels the same. Enter Santa Fe Indivisible, a grassroots organization that gathers to plan out actions and then figures out how to make those actions…actionable. Each week at the Center for Progress and Justice, SFI comes together to go over plans made previously, cook up new ones and welcome returning and new members into the fray. It's like a microcosm of what works in America and, frankly, the kind of thing that might save us from four more years of you-know-who. In other words, if you wanna meet people who align with you and think we shouldn't have a white supremacist in charge of the country, this group's for you. (ADV)

Santa Fe Indivisible Meeting: 
9 am Tuesday Jan. 14. Free.
Center for Progress and Justice,
1420 Cerrillos Road,