Size Matters

7 Arts Gallery goes small-scale

Angel Wynn, one of five artists represented at 7 Arts Gallery, was -surprised by how many of her pieces sold last holiday season.
“People say art doesn’t sell around the holidays,” she tells SFR, but her smaller pieces (6-by-6-inch, mostly) flew off the walls.
This was the inspiration for 7 Arts Gallery’s upcoming show Great Things Come in Small Packages. The show -features six artists’ work—Wynn, plus Cecilia Robertson, Tom McGee, Dayna Fisk Williams, Nancy Silvia and Rosa Silbert-—in a variety of mediums including acrylic, fiber, -encaustic, gouache, pastel and glass.
In keeping with 7 Arts’ ethos, all the artists are local to Santa Fe and they make 100% of their own profits. This, Wynn says, is rare in Santa Fe, especially in the downtown galleries. 7 Arts is an artist-run nonprofit that doubles as a gallery and a studio so visitors can watch the artists at work and engage with their processes. While quite a few artist cooperatives in the Santa Fe area employ a similar model, so far 7 Arts is the only work-space/gallery near the Plaza, which is where most out-of-towners tend to stay.
Wynn, who again shows smaller pieces, combines photography with an ancient painting technique called encaustic wax, in which layers of translucent hot wax are brushed over photographs, textiles, and other mixed media. Silbert, meanwhile, works in molded glass and metal sculpture, and Robertson, who usually creates large-scale oil paintings, traded in her oils for gouache and pushed herself to go smaller as a way of making her work more affordable for holiday shoppers.
Whether you’re in the market for small art or you just want to take a look at some interesting pieces, 7 Arts Gallery also hosts a meet-and-greet with the -artists so you can get an insider’s look while you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, apple cider and other holiday treats.

(Allison Sloan)

Great Things Come in Small Packages: 
4-7pm Friday Dec. 6 and 1-4 pm Saturday Dec 7. Free.
7 Arts Gallery,
125 Lincoln Ave.,

Did Someone Art?

Courtesy New Mexico Museum of Art

Some libraries smell overly of woody pine, some are too dusty, others—old, well-maintained, mysterious ones—have a certain smoky smell, like pages burned up by the genius minds in their midst. I bet that’s what the library at the New Mexico Museum of Art smells like, and now I can find out—there’s an open house today, and besides tons of art books from around the world, there’s also the opportunity to see rare holiday cards exchanged between New Mexican artists while they lived here, like Gustave Baumann, Agnes Sims and Olive Rush, among others. This is a rare chance to browse the collections freely, gather inspo for your own art and chat with librarians about your finds. (Cole Rehbein)

New Mexico Museum of Art Library Open House:
1-4 pm Wednesday, Dec. 4. Free.
New Mexico Museum of Art,
107 W Palace Ave.


Courtesy General Mojo’s

As much as Seattle-based General Mojo's indulges in the throwback flower power of 1960s-era psych-rock bands, they also delve into early-aught indie-pop elements such as Mates of State levels of vocal harmonies. Much of it lives in vocalist Heather Thomas and bassist/vocalist Dune Butler's sing-songy rapport, but keyboardist Eric Vanderbilt-Matthews takes up the psychedelia a notch with synthy sounds so sweet and timeless they're hard to ignore. Think of the band like Foxygen had they leaned more into bluesy sounds over R&B, or like a history lesson on the all-you-need-is-love era bands who defined hippie-dom with sick riffs and booty-bumping basslines. (Alex De Vore)

General Mojo's:
8 pm Thursday Dec. 5. Free.
Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery,
2791 Agua Fría St.,


SFR File photo

Didja know that when he's not producing hit HBO shows and upcoming video games and toying with impatient Game of Thrones fans, author George RR Martin is out there supporting the next generation of creatives through grants and such? Well, he is, and come Tuesday, Martin's GRRM Grant, one which goes to fledgling filmmakers working within the fantasy and/or sci-fi milieus, will be awarded to a newly flush film dork at Martin's Jean Cocteau Cinema. Since handing out checks and such isn't very exciting in and of itself, the cinema also has a full slate of short and indie films ready to screen. Did we mention they also have a full bar? (ADV)

New Mexico Film Foundation Indie Screening: 
7 pm Tuesday Dec. 10. $5.
Jean Cocteau Cinema,
418 Montezuma Ave.,