Rainbow Boogie

Pan@Mimosa carries on the Pride vibe

With Pride a semi-distant memory, it can feel like Santa Fe's LGBTQIA+ community has, in some ways, been forced to retreat into the shadows until June rolls around again.Enter brunch spot Café Mimosa.Co-owner Lisa Dion splits her time between Santa Fe and San Francisco and says seeing how gay-friendly the
latter city is inspired her to bring some of that inclusivity to our town and keep the positivity of Pride going with the new event Pan@Mimosa.

"We wanted to offer a cool space for the LGBTQI community," Dion tells SFR. "I have a lot of friends in the community and they don't seem to have a lot of places to go and hang out."

Pan, a monthly party for the rainbow crowd, promises not only to fill the void, but to be a great gathering complete with a Mediterranean-inspired tapas menu from Mimosa head chef Alex Hadidi and drink specials that include a flight of the café's signature mimosas. Jennifer Castro, aka DJ BadCat, who provided the tunes for June's inaugural event, is scheduled to set the mood as she spins tracks for the next few months.

But Pan isn't your typical gay bar gathering, and BadCat thinks the once-a-month schedule makes it a "destination event," while Dion says they aim for an
atmosphere that's "sophisticated but not snobby" rather than a raging club.

And while traditional gay bars can often run the risk of feeling spectator-y when attended by non-queers, Pan readily welcomes straight allies and accomplices.

"I think even those outside of the queer community should come and support. And I think it would be far more enjoyable than they might even suspect," BadCat says. "I really like the whole space for that community and do everything that I can to participate and to make sure that they get celebrated all year long." (Nicole Madrid)

6-11 pm Thursday July 25. $5.
Café Mimosa
513 C Camino de los Marquez, 365-2112

The Best Around

Anson Stevens-Bollen

It's here, you're holding it (or looking online), and you now know what the people of Santa Fe think are the best things about our town, circa 2019. But as we all well know, a mere print product isn't enough—so we're gonna party. Each year, SFR and our pals take over the Railyard with booths, food, beer, a dunk tank (the mayor signed up to get dunked this year), merch, stickers, balloons, laughing, partying, gasping, music-ing and so forth. You'll find the Santa Fe Salutes tribute to Aretha Franklin, too, plus all the SFR staffers you love … or love to hate. Look, it's free, it's fun, what else are you doing? (Alex De Vore)

SFR's Best of Santa Fe 2019 Party
5-10 pm Friday July 26. Free.
Santa Fe Railyard
Market and Alcaldesa streets, 988-5541.


David Santiago

While Traditional Spanish Market blows minds each year, the contemporary set shines as well. Encompassing more than 130 booths, some of which feature more than one artist, the annual offshoot always promises to be an exciting glimpse into what Hispano and Latinx creators who work in myriad mediums outside the traditional have been up to. There's plenty more to see around the Plaza during this particular weekend—learn more about artist Brandon Maldonado on page 85, for example—so to see today's big names, up-and-comers and surprise heavy-hitters, throw this one on your to-do list. (ADV)

Contemporary Hispanic Market
8 am-5 pm Saturday and Sunday July 27 and 28. Free. Lincoln Avenue; contemporaryhispanicmarketinc.com.

Ancient Melody Machines

Courtesy National Heritage Center

Humans have been banging out music since before we realized how to use our opposable thumbs. Sure, we might not have any idea what that music sounded like, but we do know how early people made it thanks to instrument discoveries at archaeological sites. Archaeologist Emily Brown discusses such apparatuses used by ancient humans of the Southwest to create their sweet, sweet sounds. A bit of a drive, but a 45-minute trip can take you back a few million years into music history. Plus, there's snacks. Hosted by the Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project. (NM)

Emily Brown: Prehistoric Musical Instruments 
6-8 pm Tuesday July 30. $5.
Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Center,
848 Hwy. 68, Ohkay Owingeh, 852-1351.