Total Eclipse of the Soul

Things are about to get chaotic

Solar eclipses are considered times of chaotic energy in astrology, and one is supposed to occur on Tuesday July 2.

"Not only might you feel powerless because the literal source of our
power—the sun—is being eclipsed," Abby Dobbs tells SFR, "it also can cause a lot of confusion because you may find that in general, people tend to act on their
emotions during eclipses."

An independent yoga instructor and energy worker, Dobbs is set to host a ceremony in preparation for the eclipse alongside her husband, Vedic astrologer Stephen Kohn, the night before. Dobbs and Kohn plan to hold a discussion on the astronomy of the eclipse and then about the Vedic (Hindu) calendar to give attendees a look at the divination system guiding the ceremony and an idea of what exactly is happening.

"In Vedic astrology … the moon is considered our subjective, emotional-
feeling nature, and the sun is considered our deep-soul nature and our individual
empowerment," Dobbs explains. "So when the sun, our soul, is eclipsed by the moon, our deep, emotional nature, the idea is that our connection to ourselves and our souls is shattered and over-shadowed."

Because of the vitriolic energy present during eclipses, astrology experts advise that people not go out during an eclipse or look directly at one—in case the
possibility of permanent eye damage weren't enough of a reason to avoid that. One also shouldn't sign contracts or make major life decisions, because those actions often aren't done with a level head. So what can you do?

Dobbs says eclipses are opportunities for introspection and intention-setting, so she'll guide attendees at her event through meditation and journaling to help them look inside themselves. This should help attendees internally discuss what they've learned and what the newfound lessons mean going forward.

Dobbs primarily wants to educate the community. "Pretty much we're taking people through a process of, 'How is this eclipse affecting you?'"

(Nicole Madrid)

Solar Eclipse Ceremony
7:30 pm Monday July 1. $10.
Santa Fe Community Yoga Center,
826 Camino de Monte Rey, Ste. A5,

Dish it Out

If you don't like animals, we don't like you. In all seriousness, they're really the best, particularly assistance dogs. There simply is no metric by which we might measure their emotional and professional impact on the lives of those who need them, but there is much we might do to aid in their training and eventual jobs. Take upcoming event Signature Dishes: Artists Paint for Paws at Santa Fe Clay. A veritable who's-who of Santa Fe artistic talent donated their time and skills to create dozens of painted plates under the curation of local artist Toby
Morfin, and the proceeds from the auction of said plates this Friday goes to local nonprofit Assistance Dogs of the West. Get buying. (Alex De Vore)

Signature Dishes: Artists Paint for Paws: 
5 pm Friday June 28.
Santa Fe Clay,
545 Camino de la Familia,


Amapolay / Museum of International Folk Art

Three of our favorite collectives on Earth—two of which happen to be local—join forces this weekend at the intersection of arts and activism. Santa Fe's Alas de Agua and Three Sisters Collective team up with members from Peruvian street printmaking collective Amapolay for an evening of live art-making, music, food and information on why when the power of creation is put in the hands of the people, good things happen. Print on your own shirts or provided paper for free, catch an artist's market, make seed balls and hear the dulcet jams of bands Tesuque Revolt and Novalima. All of these people give so much of themselves, let's show 'em some support. (ADV)

Celebrating Art, Music and Activism:
6 pm Saturday June 29. Free.
Railyard Plaza,
Market and Alcaldesa Streets.

Yes into the blossoms

We mentioned just the other week the awesome (free!) community poetry workshop currently taught on Tuesdays by local poet Elizabeth Jacobson, and told you to pick up her book, Not Into the Blossoms and Not Into the Air. So imagine our pleasant surprise when a late-night email over the weekend announced Jacobson as the next Santa Fe Poet Laureate, now tasked with even more community-building initiatives and the general goal of making our city fall in love with poetry all day, every day. No bigs. Congratulate Jacobson as she reads this weekend with fellow poet Sherwin Bitsui, a noted professor at the Institute of American Indian Arts' writing masters program, and Malena Mörling, a highly praised Swedish-born poet and translator. To learn more about the poet laureate program, head to (Charlotte Jusinski)

Elizabeth Jacobson, Sherwin Bitsui & Malena Mörling: 
2 pm Sunday June 30. Free. op.cit Books, DeVargas Center, 157 Paseo de Peralta, 428-0321