Put Up That Wall

Alas de Agua's mural mission

The Museum of International Folk Art's curator of Latin American and Caribbean Collections Amy Groleau says that SFR's cover story about Santa Fe arts collective Alas de Agua from last May was what clued her into the growing group's style and mission ("Collective Unconquered," May 8, 2018). When she brought Peruvian screen printing collective Amapolay to Santa Fe for the exhibit Crafting Memory earlier this year, our local heroes were her first choice for an artistic connection.

Groleau thus commissioned Israel Francisco Haros Lopez and his Alas de Agua compatriots John Paul Granillo and Juan Lira for a new original mural just outside the museum's Gallery of Conscience.

"The idea is that it would be a work in progress," Groleau says. "We like to emphasize process and flexibility in [the Gallery of Conscience], so that left it open to them to work on it as they wanted—I think of it as a living thing."

Lopez, Granillo and Lira have been working on the mural since December, but this weekend they finally unveil the completed piece and appear for an informal discussion on its making and meaning. A massive accomplishment of paint on tyvek (rather than the actual wall, which allows the museum to keep the piece when it comes down), "Build Those Walls, We Come From the Stars" represents Alas de Agua's core philosophies alongside Amapolay's, while commenting on the current state of border and art politics as seen from a group based in the Southwest. Both Alas de Agua and Amapolay are represented through overt and subtextual imagery. It's about connection, resistance, empowerment and the messaging power of art.

"My auntie always told me, 'Without art, there is no movement,'" Lopez tells SFR. "A lot of times, we think about protest, about marches, about the movement—and the art takes a backseat. But without those images and iconography, there is nothing that really changes the consciousness. The beauty of a mural is that you're side by side. There's no way you're not going to engage in conversation. You have to work together, you have to talk to each other." (Alex De Vore)

"Build Those Walls, We Come From the Stars" Unveiling
2 pm Sunday March 24. Free with museum admission, which is $6-$12.
Museum of International Folk Art,
706 Camino Lejo,

Oh Dang, That’s Sexy

Courtesy Durand Jones and The Indications

Often, throwback jams feel like a forced nostalgia grab meant to manipulate us into feeling the illusion of feelings. This is gross, but every so often, such tunes are so damn good, so damn sincere, so damn sexy that we realize it's not about anything but the love of music and appreciation for enduring styles. Enter Indiana's Durand Jones and the Indications, a soulful revival blend of Motown smoothness, shiny guitars and horns and the kind of vocals that owned your heart long before you even realized. Yeah, Jones and company are just that good. Look up their KEXP performance from April of last year if you don't believe us. Just try not to fall in love. It might not be possible. (ADV)

Durand Jones and the Indications: 
8 pm Thursday March 21. $20.
Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery,
2791 Agua Fría St.

The Future is Soon

Courtesy Nico Salazar / Future Fantasy Delight

We at SFR obviously love local artist Nico Salazar, and we think you should, too. We'd also point out that not only can you buy original Salazar works and prints at galleries like KEEP Contemporary, but that a vast majority of his designs are available in wearable form. Salazar kicks off his 2019 collection this week with a party at Meow Wolf (where he also has a permanent installation). He'll unveil all his newest creations influenced by street art, manga, '90s culture and beyond. They're the kinda duds worn by superstar members of Migos, those lucky enough to have picked up a tee from SFR's Best of Santa Fe 2017 party or even just in-the-know fashion fans looking to make a statement. That statement, by the way? It's "I'm cool." We think it's always great when a hometown artist does good—let's show Salazar some love. (ADV)

Future Fantasy Delight SS 2019 Collection Launch: 
9 pm Saturday March 23. $18-$22.
Meow Wolf,
1352 Rufina Circle,

Most Dangerous Game


Writer George RR Martin is a bit of a celeb, and part of that is due to how he did that thing we all say we'd do if we suddenly had a bunch of money: He invested in cool things for his community. Take, for example, the Jean Cocteau Cinema, a once-dead theater, where eager Game of Thrones fans can catch up (or just rewatch for the millionth time) all of the show's seventh season as we head into the eighth this April. These weekly screenings feature two episodes per night, are first-come first-served, free, and you should be civil about the whole thing. Regardless, we can't think of a better way to catch up with your buds like Jon Snow, Dany, Tyrion, Arya, Fonzie, Potsie, Li'l Abner and all those other zany fantasy champs from Westeros and beyond. There's a bar there, too. (ADV)

Game of Thrones Season Seven Screenings:
6:30 pm Tuesday March 26. Through April 9. Free.
Jean Cocteau Cinema,
418 Montezuma Ave.,