Fall Fiber Fiesta weaves the fun

One might be forgiven for hearing of an event based in fiber arts and jumping to thoughts of old ladies knitting, but there's a rich history and unmistakable artistry to be found at the annual event from the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center that would make that impulse incorrect. This isn't just about beautiful fiber arts—it's about kicking off your holiday shopping and indulging in an ancient evolving art form.

The nonprofit is perhaps best known as the Española-based retail mart and educational space, but when it takes over the Scottish Rite Temple each year, the options and possibilities expand.

"In New Mexico there used to be more yarn shops, but they've been replaced, inevitably, sadly, by the internet," center director April Jouse tells SFR. "But we have a leg up, because when we incorporated back in 1997, it was with a strong mission point to support the education of fiber arts."

Jouse, who also teaches a beginner's weaving class at the center, says that on a national scale, there's not much like what it's doing or its annual festival.

"One of the points when we jury the artists into the show is that we aim for a diversity of items," she says. "You expect to find hats and scarves, and there are artists who'll have those, no question about it—but we also, through our application process, look for contemporary fiber artists in our area. You'll find beautiful works to go up on the wall, pieces for your home and, I would say, fashion garments that are more on the contemporary side."

And while the bulk of the booths will be helmed by New Mexicans, a few out-of-staters from Colorado and Wisconsin join their ranks to peddle wares. Catch a ticketed silent auction on Friday night ($10) with over 50 items ranging from fiber goods and restaurant bucks to tickets for local experiences. Jouse describes the offerings as "exceptional."

"There are not that many nonprofits that are able to focus on fiber arts like we are," Jouse adds. "Our class attendance grows, our retail numbers grow—we have a really good team who are dedicated to supporting the mission year after year."

(Alex De Vore)

2018 Fall Fiber Fiesta:
5 pm Friday Nov. 16. $10;
9 am-5 pm Saturday and Sunday Nov. 17 and 18. Free.
Scottish Rite Temple,
464 Paseo de Peralta,

What’s Past is Prologue

Public Domain

Growing up in New Mexico, we get a little bit of boiled-down history in regards to the colonization of the area. As cultural educator and historian Jon Ghahate (Laguna and Zuni), who hosts an upcoming talk at SITE Santa Fe about the conquistador Juan de Oñate can tell you, it's rife with misinformation. "As Americans, we get indoctrinated in what America is," he says. Ghahate posits that Oñate's history was a complex one, but that he was ultimately very human and working from a sense of responsibility to the Spanish crown and church. "At the same time," he adds, "they really did imprison the Native populations who were here." Learn more at Ghahate's lecture alongside marriage and family therapist Lee Swanson, who delves into the effects of trauma. (ADV)

Juan de Oñate: Conquistador or Criminal?:
6 pm Wednesday Nov. 14. $5-$10.
SITE Santa Fe,
1606 Paseo de Peralta,

Get More

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Reading books alone is fine, but book groups add that extra oomph to expand your enjoyment and understanding of something complex. The folks of Santa Fe's stages have come up with the perfect book club-esque group for theater lovers: The aptly named Theatre Lovers Club organizes talks with actors, directors, writers and producers to discuss upcoming productions and bounce ideas off each other in order to appreciate this town's performing arts even more. This week's meeting features Director Amy Christian and Managing Director Carol Schrader of Wise Fool's Thanksgiving weekend tradition, Circus Luminous. See upcoming events and sign up for TLC's emails at (Charlotte Jusinski)

Theatre Lovers Club: Circus Luminous:
6 pm Thursday Nov. 15. Free (RSVP online to save your spot).
Wise Fool New Mexico,
1131 Siler Road, Ste. B.

Economize This

Anson Stevens-Bollen

Did you know that the annual Currents New Media Festival people are putting together a physical space on Canyon Road? Before it officially opens in December, they'll host a public talk titled Looking Ahead: Imagining the Future of Santa Fe's Art Economy. "It's about, what does the public want? What can we give them? How can we interact with more folks?" says LE Brown, Currents' digital media coordinator and moderator for the talk. "It's topical issues for the art market in Santa Fe, what's working, what's not, how the economy is successful or not—what people are responding to." The talk is open to the public, and heavy hitters from the arts community both on and off Canyon Road are expected to attend. We even hear the mayor is going. (ADV)

Looking Ahead: Imagining the Future of Santa Fe's Art Economy:
6 pm Friday Nov. 16. Free.
Canyon Road Creatives,
826 Canyon Road,