Punk Rock Rodeo

Whether by deliberate care for the cowboy mythos or cosmic coincidence, Brooklynite indie rocker Mitski Miyawaki kicks off the tour for her new album, Be the Cowboy, in Wild West territory, with stops in Montana, Colorado and then Santa Fe. The still-unreleased work (Aug. 17, y’all) follows her deft feat of sucker-punch songwriting from 2016’s Puberty 2. This time, she says in a statement, she experiments with “narrative and fiction” through the album’s voice; “because women have so little power and showing emotion is seen as weakness, this ‘character’ clings to any amount of control she can get. Still, there is something very primordial in her that is trying to find a way to get out.”

Through sweet, intimate melodies and exuberant, punky bridges, Mitski has always dealt in making the primordial coherent. Her lyrics distill as much emotional meaning as possible into simple moments of prose and crystal clear imagery for the listener to hang their hat on.

Be the Cowboy’s opening track, “Geyser,” out now as a single, reaffirms Mitski’s capacity to simultaneously hold wisdom and angst in the sonic balance (“FYI sounds better when u blast it,” she added as a note on the track on Spotify). However, unlike her earlier multi-layered ballad tracks, the new material goes for something more stripped-down; what she calls a “’person singing alone on-stage’ atmosphere.”

Mitski has summoned something of a cult following, and can be named in a cohort of young, razor-sharp female musicians who have carved out a niche in indie rock, sorted with the likes of Japanese Breakfast, Lucy Dacus and Frankie Cosmos. She recently thanked her fans in a tweet, for their support “in a business that can’t imagine someone like me being a worthy investment.”
Her live show is pure catharsis. The album title comes from a private joke/Ghandi bastardization/oddball personal mantra: Be the cowboy you wish to see in the world. So wrangle some tickets and be it. Indie-pop singer-songwriter Katie Von Schleicher opens. (Eva Rosenfeld)

7 pm Thursday June 14. $15-$18.
Meow Wolf,
1352 Rufina Circle,

Soft ‘n’ Smooth

Public Domain

Local DJs are really bringing it at Molly's lately with a weekly residency from DJs Confuse and In and, if longtime local deck master Audiobuddha has anything to say about it, they'll have a monthly event on the roster, too. In his mild-mannered civilian identity of Steve Brisk, Audiobuddha tells SFR that Molly's has installed a new sound system and that if all goes well at his upcoming event, a rebranding of his Skylight residency Replenishnow dubbed Velvet, it'll go down more often. "We're going to be emphasizing a cooler, smoother, darker vibe," Brisk says. "I'll be doing cool remixes, African house, more tribal-flavored stuff, deep house—I'm such a house-head." DJs Confuse and In kick things off and The Rev closes out the 18-and-over night. (ADV)

10 pm Friday June 15. $5 (ladies free before 11 pm).
Molly's Kitchen and Lounge,
1611 Calle Lorca,

Ghost Dance

Courtesy Form & Concept

Ever heard of an EMF meter? They're those gadgets that detect electromagnetic fields or, in some cases, psychic energy and possibly ghosts. Spooky, right? But don't be scared; New York-based multi-disciplinary artist and dancer Nathan Wheeler plans to use them for a non-spooky event. This Saturday, Wheeler sets up multiple EMF meters within form & concept in order to pick up on the energies of the audience (and of himself), which will then play their own part in his improvisational movement piece through on-the-spot visuals and audio. New-agey? Maybe so, but also très intéressant and creative. Who even knows what'll happen? Not even Wheeler. (ADV)

Nathan Wheeler Performance: 
7 pm Saturday June 16. $5-$25.
form & concept,
435 S Guadalupe St.,

Get Crabs

Anson Stevens-Bollen

Do you ever get to that Father's Day time of year and think, "Holy shit, I don't know what my dad likes outside of telling long-winded stories about friends of his I never met?" Well, don't sweat—and don't get him another tie. Instead, grab your dad (or whoever) and head to Second Street Brewery's Rufina Taproom this Sunday. There, you'll find a veritable smorgasbord of crabs and beers. Like, it's literally eating crab and drinking beers. Seventeen breweries including Second Street and Santa Fe Brewing Co. take part in the fun, and on Saturday evening, musician Chris Combs provides the soundtrack. And no, you don't need a dad (or a good relationship with one) to be there, just a thirst for great beer and a desire to get crabs. Y'know, like we all do. (ADV)

Crab and Pilsner Festival: 
11 am-10 pm Saturday and Sunday June 16 and 17. Free (pay for food, though, duh).
Second Street Brewery Rufina Taproom,
2920 Rufina St.,