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This Georgia quartet is our new fave band

Until now, the most exciting thing we could possibly say for Athens, Georgia, was that The B52s hailed from there, but indie-rock quartet Deep State is putting Athens back on the map with their kickass style. With a sound akin to lesser-known indie wunderkinds like San Jose’s Hard Girls or West Virginia’s Rozwell Kid collaborating with the psych-rock explosion of LA’s Foxygen and then taking songwriting cues from bigger acts like Superdrag and/or early Alkaline Trio (think Goddamnit, but more fleshed out and less goofy-sinister), Deep State marries infectious pop hooks and Lennon-esque vocal melodies with ’60s pop edges just rough enough to hold onto that rock ’n’ roll cred, but song structures totally tight enough to keep it pro and engaging. Deep State brings this sound, along with new and improved jams from their forthcoming album, Thought Garden (slated for an April release), to Zephyr on Thursday. It’s a style that perfectly aligns with the DIY/garage-ish aesthetic of the little Southside venue that could, and a perfect event for mid-to-late-’90s indie/emo fans looking to recapture some of the magic from that era while still valuing innovation and slightly weird elements.

To put it lightly, this is exactly the kind of band we need coming through town, and we've gotta hand it to Zephyr for filling a niche some of us have desperately missed (OK, it's me—I've missed bands like this). For now, look up Deep State ( or and remember a time when you looked forward to intimate rock or punk shows in little venues run by people who just wanted to book bands that sound awesome.

Local support comes in the form of songwriting duo The Hammeritz and SFR Album of the Year 2016 winner Flamingo Pink! who, we hear, will get back to her acoustic roots for this show after recent fantastic forays into emotional synth tunes. (Alex De Vore)

Deep State with The Hammeritz and Flamingo Pink!
8 pm Thursday Feb. 9. $5-$10.
1520 Center Drive, #2

Shell Yes

Though often dismissed by those not in the know, there are a handful of examples within the anime style so excellently crafted that they withstand derision.

Ghost in the Shell

is such a film. We follow The Major, a cyborg cop with a few secrets up her sleeve. As she and her partner track down a devious hacker called the Puppet Master, who can hack into other cyborgs at will, she begins to question her own origins and relationship to humanity. Find out why it’s been such a popular film since ’95 at this special screening. Plus, there are briefcase guns and invisibility suits, so… (ADV)

Ghost in the Shell:
8 pm Wednesday Feb. 8. $6-$13.
Jean Cocteau Cinema,
418 Montezuma Ave.,

Dream, Dream, Dream

You may have read about attorney Allegra Love’s Santa Fe Dreamers Project in our “Dreams on Wheels”

cover story last August—but in case you aren’t familiar, Love helps young undocumented immigrants navigate the labyrinth of paperwork needed to become American citizens and represents families in refugee and asylum cases­­­. This is obviously a hugely important issue at the moment. Enter DJs Jonathan Ray, Justin Mayrant and Hedonism Bot with House Sanctuary, their upcoming benefit for the Dreamers Project. All y’all can get down with house jams and support a good cause, so let’s make it happen. (ADV)

House Sanctuary:
A Benefit for the Santa Fe Dreamers Project:
10 pm Friday Feb. 10. $7.
139 W San Francisco St.,

Indie Bliss

When we see live music, we want to lose ourselves in the performance. We want to be taken away from this world for a while. And that’s exactly the kind of performance we can expect from indie-folk superstar Devendra Banhart, whose dreamy stage presence and warm vocals enchant his audiences. The soft-toned, bearded brunette spent the formative years of his life in Venezuela with his mother, and you can catch South American tones in his melodic chord progressions if you listen closely. He’s hot off the release of his newest album,

Ape in Pink Marble

, so expect him to play some new tunes—as well as those he’s known for, like “Carmensita.” (Maria Egolf-Romero)

Devendra Banhart:
7 pm Monday Feb. 13. $25-$30.
Meow Wolf,
1352 Rufina Circle,

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