Crockett Bodelson has carried a case of drawing paper and a marker with him since he was a child. The case—which used to be the red plastic kind his Legos came in—is the artist’s way of being ready in an instant. Inspiration comes to Bodelson in that right-now kind of way, at a bar or over dinner, and he creates drawings on the spot. These creations are featured in his upcoming solo exhibit, My One Trick Pony Never Became Famous.

Bodelson is perhaps best known as one half of local art collective SCUBA, which he runs with his life partner Sandra Wang. Thus far, his creative ventures within the collective have leaned toward collaborative installation pieces, which makes his upcoming solo show of drawings a departure and new chapter in several ways. "[Sandra and I] are trying to explore our individualities," he says. "SCUBA has always taken the limelight from both of us as individuals."

This new exhibit features Bodelson's drawings on 8-by-11-inch sheets of printer paper. Each displays a graphic image created with Sharpie and matched with a saying that slaps you with its simultaneous familiarity and originality, achieving the difficult task of forcing the viewer to see something old in a new light.

Bodelson says he is sometimes inspired to draw in moments of anger or sadness. "If I can record a document of my emotion, and then later go back and figure out what I was thinking, I feel like that's all you can do," he says. "We self-analyze, but we don't have any hard content; that's what this is. It's a hard copy of that moment."

One particular Bodelson drawing conveys his thesis perfectly with two simple figures standing at the edge of a cliff, with the words "what if I pushed him" emblazoned beneath. "We've all had this thought, you know?" Bodelson says. "It's not wrong. It's the truth. If we don't write that down, if I can't go back and look at it, I think I am going to keep having that thought, but now I can go back and be at peace with it—it's a joke." (Maria Egolf-Romero)

My One Trick Pony Never Became Famous Opening Reception
5-7 pm Friday Jan. 13. Free.
Iconik Coffee Roasters,
1600 Lena St.,


Kim Jones
Kim Jones | Kim Jones

Begin 2017 by mending the wounds of 2016. Allow yourself to heal and find clarity in spiritual connection at the Center for Inner Truth. The nonprofit spiritual sanctuary and meditation space offers weekly healing clinics to help purge one’s soul of the woes of everyday life. “Our philosophy is, everything is energy,” minister and instructor Michou Landon says. The healing clinic focuses on helping people find their clarity on a psychic level. “We help people remember the fluidity of their energy so they can make changes [to themselves] if they want to,” Landon tells SFR. (Kim Jones)

Healing Clinic:
5:30 pm Wednesday Jan. 11. Free.
Center for Inner Truth,
1807 Second St., Suite 84,


Christopher Felver
Christopher Felver | Christopher Felver

On Jan. 15, writers across the country from all genres and backgrounds will gather at Writers Resist events to read and call for a return to decency, and Santa Fe is set to take part. “After the recent election being so difficult and toxic, it’s important for writers to embrace the ideals of a true and just society,” poet Arthur Sze says. Event co-organizer/writer Dana Levin agrees. “When we enter a period like this, we need to hear from our artists,” she says. The event is free, but attendees can donate to Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families and/or New Energy Economy, an organization focused on future clean and sustainable energy. (Alex De Vore)

Writers Resist:
3:30 pm Sunday Jan. 15. Free.
Counter Culture Café,
930 Baca St.,

Happy Campers

Courtesy | Courtesy

The metal onslaught continues as local promotions champs Kronos Creative present yet another impressive lineup of brutal songsmiths to dispel some of your Monday blues. And while we’ve gotta hand it to local masters of heavy like Final Drive, Cripple and Friend2Foe, the true highlight comes in the form of Toledo, Ohio’s Mobile Deathcamp. Featuring Todd Evans (formerly of GWAR!), the three-piece brings new urgency and insanity to the fast-paced world of speed metal, perfect for fans of pretty much any metal subgenre and the stuff that headbangers’ dreams are made of. Do you like fun? You like this. (ADV)

Mobile Deathcamp with Final Drive, Cripple and Friend2Foe:
9 pm Monday Jan. 16. $5.
The Underground,
200 W San Francisco St.,