Maybe we wrote about Eliza Lutz and the goings-on with her new label, Matron Records pretty recently, but have y’all been paying attention? Homegirl is slaying it! And we don’t just mean as the owner/operator of a small indie imprint, but as a musician. Maybe you noticed her work with As In We offshoot Future Scars, but this time around, we’re here to talk about GRYGRDNS, Lutz’ intrepid post-indie/prog-ish project alongside Evarusnik vocalist Miranda Scott. They’ve been making waves fairly quietly of late, but come March 11, everything changes. GRYGRDNS will release their first single on Matron, titled “Seersucker.” A lo-fi dreamy indie-folk mélange of passionate vocal work and uniquely minimal instrumentation, the track finds common ground between Lutz’ powerful bellow and Scott’s restrained style. It’s a perfect look into what GRYGRDNS is all about, a combination of many things that so perfectly boil down to each of the vocalists’ particular strong suits (no pun intended). With unobtrusive percussion courtesy of Storming the Beaches with Logos in Hand mastermind Luke Carr and upright bass from Rob Lundberg, the overall feel of the song exists someplace very near the oddness of bands like Carissa’s Weird but with a tad more accessibility and the all-too-rare ability to spark a legitimate emotional reaction, as both Lutz and Scott query, “Tell me how is it wrong, to say goodbye in song?” Digital downloads will be available to anyone who picks up a Matron-branded packet of sunflower seeds as part of the aptly titled “Garden Singles Series.” It’s a cool idea, and we’ve got to give it up to GRYGRDNS for at least trying to spearhead some form of gardening from music fans, and for the unique marketing idea. Of course, the live show will also feature a full set of new material and yet another reason to get psyched about the newest crop of Santa Fe bands. Mark our words on this one: Matron Records will be a big deal. Special guest act Sirens opens. (Alex De Vore)

GRYGRDNS with Sirens
8 pm Friday, March 11. $5-$10
Iconik Coffee Roasters,
1600 Lena St.,


Cory Mansfield
Cory Mansfield | Cory Mansfield

The Underground follows in the grand tradition of MC battles by hosting the 505 MC Showcase, a gathering of Santa Fe and Albuquerque rappers who show up and show their stuff. Lyricists like Cas-Uno, Summon, Benzo, Wolfman Jack, OG Willikers and more will be there to spit venom with style, alongside host Doer and live drawing from Wonkey Oner. This is about as hip-hop as it gets, y'all, and you don't stop … probably." This event will represent all aspects of hip-hop culture," Zach Maloof, aka OG Willikers tells us. "It's a great opportunity for people who enjoy live hip-hop to see a big variety of what New Mexico MCs have to offer." (ADV)

505 MC Showcase:
9 pm Wednesday, March 9. $5.
The Underground,
200 W San Francisco St.,

Can’t Keep My Eyes off of You

Courtesy of Verve Gallery
Courtesy of Verve Gallery | Courtesy of Verve Gallery

Nostalgia only thrives if an image of the past survives—and the images that Kevin Bubriski has captured might just be nostalgia incarnate. His exhibition opening this Friday at Verve Gallery of Photography,

Look into My Eyes,

portrays Northern New Mexicans during the early ’80s in the midst of just existing. “It captures a time and place in New Mexico that doesn’t really exist anymore,” says Jennifer Schlesinger, gallery director at Verve. A place that glorified the automobile, Jesus Christ and family, which Bubriski characterizes with sharply composed and intimate portraits.

Look into My Eyes

, and glimpse a reflection of the present. (Cole Rehbein)

Look into My Eyes:
5-7 pm Friday, March 11.
Verve Gallery of Photography,
219 E Marcy St.,

Entrails Become Outrails

Courtesty of ART.i.factory
Courtesty of ART.i.factory | Courtesty of ART.i.factory

The muse is naked before the audience. Nude photos from local photographer Patti Levey are juxtaposed against Laura Stanziola’s wire-knitted internal organs in their joint exhibit,

Body of Work

, at the ART.i.factory. “Wire is great. In the sunlight, it looks viscous, like real organs do,” says Stanziola. “To me, all this work is about ‘Who am I?’ I am my heart, I am my brain, but I’m also the exterior. The interior is also a part of who we are. It’s integral about who we are in a very complete sense.” (Ben Kendall)

Body of Work:
4-7 pm, Saturday, March 12. Free.
930 Baca St.,