With Luminous Flux, an exhibit composed of digital, video and electroluminescent works, Delgado Street's Art House gallery aims to put itself on the artistic map.

Showcasing the likes of Leo Villareal, Jim Campbell and Manfred Mohr, the new artspace launches with an innovative selection from the Thoma Foundation collection.

"Art House is about finally providing a public venue for Carl and Marilynn Thoma to share their collection with the public," Mira Burack, foundation associate director says. "And one of the goals beyond just sharing it is to create critical dialogue around the work."

The exhibit parts from the geometric pattern paintings of the '60s and follows the genre's connection to computer art. "It's bridging some traditional paintings with software and technology," Burack advances.

For over three decades, the Thomas have amassed an impressive collection that runs the gamut from cutting-edge to primitive. Burack says the tech-heavy works in Flux are just a jumping off point.

"They have a lot of diversity in their collection, so I think they will be showing other parts of it from its three areas—modern and contemporary, Spanish colonial and a large Japanese bamboo art collection."

The long-term goal for the gallery, she says, is to "make some interesting connections in the fields that we collect that maybe haven't been done before or have been written about."

Luminous Flux
5-7 pm Wednesday, Sept. 24
Art House Gallery
231 Delgado St.,