Make way Santa Fe, royalty is coming to town. That's right, the aristocrat of nonsense is performing this Saturday for charity. The superstar will entertain guests at Southwest Care's AID & Comfort Gala, an annual event in which 100% of the proceeds directly benefit patient care programs. The man behind the wig this year, singer and songwriter John Quale, aka Prince Poppycock, who you might be familiar with thanks to his brush with television fame on America's Got Talent.

The baroque diva (think David Bowie meets Freddie Mercury on the set of Amadeus) delivers a feel-good sass-filled act. Quale is not only a talented singer but he's got tons of soul that shines from every corner of the stage. It's hard to feel anything but affection and respect for artists who are so true to themselves and their personal vision. The Prince was born in 2006 when a friend asked Quale to perform at his nightclub wearing a wig. Since then the powdered patrician has sung his way to stardom with his unique and somewhat unusual act. According to the performer, his idiosyncratic stage name was inspired by Sartre and Camus and his fascination with Baroque fashion. "The inherent absurdity of life is inescapable, so a certain amount of irreverence and frivolity is essential to help you get through," Quale tells SFR.

But this gala is about more than just Poppycock, the cause itself is a worthy one. The beneficiary organization, Southwest Care Center, has a mission to provide quality medical care to those with HIV or Hepatitis in Northern New Mexico. Although the disease is notably less stigmatized as it was three decades ago, that doesn't mean it deserves any less attention. According to the World Health Organization, HIV has claimed more than 25 million lives over the past three decades, and in 2012 there were approximately 35.2 million people living with HIV. According to, more than 1.1 million people in the United states are HIV-positive and 1 in 5 are unaware of their infection, making organizations like Southwest Care all the more relevant and needed.

The night will include costumes, a silent auction, food, drinks and more. Come for charity, come for Poppycock or just come for the drinks, whatever your motivation, this party is the party to be at this Saturday. Although he might not be everyone's cup of tea, this prince certainly is charming, and guarantees to entertain. "It's a great opportunity to have a gorgeous evening with wonderful people while doing something great to help a commendable cause…and to meet Prince Poppycock of course!"

25th Aid & Comfort Gala
8 pm, Saturday Nov. 23
$50-$100, Eldorado Hotel,
309 W San Francisco St.,