Designer and weaver Natasha Nargis moved to Santa Fe in 1974 following a period spent in deep study of weaving and loom work in San Francisco. Now, on the evening of Friday April 26, Nargis opens her shop/gallery/studio, natasha Santa Fe (5 pm, 403 S Guadalupe St., 913-9236), for a special reception featuring a smattering of local fashion creators such as Cissie Ludlow, Cinny Mills, Orlando Dugi and others. There, the designers showcase their new and existing works in a sort of art-meets-fashion hang-down that we're told will be very low-key and quite fun. Find models, snacks and, if we're lucky and the weather holds, a nice bit of outdoor fashion action. (Alex De Vore)

What can you tell us about the event?

It's an opening, but I would call it a fashion walkabout. There will be probably five or six models, and they'll be changing clothes a little bit. But it won't be like a catwalk—it'll be the models meandering through the crowd. It's extremely accessible, and I feel my gallery is extremely accessible—I have things that are affordable, some things that people would say are not affordable.

What do your contributions to the show look like?

I've got a cocoon that will be in the show, I work with silk and linen a lot. I'll have a tunic, a batwing top. Some of it's new, some of it's not new, it's a combination. A few [pieces] nobody has seen.

Do you think there will come a time—or has it already come—where people in Santa Fe are willing to accept fashion design on the same level as visual arts?

I believe that they are. I believe it's been happening for a while, and it's been growing. I don't know, for me, … part of it is how it's done, the spirit in which it's done, perfecting what you're doing; the dedication to what you're doing and making something beautiful. Or making something that isn't beautiful, but that makes a statement. Everybody who walks in just loves it and loves the shop. It's also my studio, and they really like to see the process. They love the clothing, and I'm starting to have repeat customers. My best buyers are from Santa Fe. Word of mouth is pretty strong here.