Katherine Crociata is taking the reins of the Santa Fe Area Homebuilders Association this month after Kim Shanahan, director for 10 years, stepped down. With the housing crisis on and whatnot, we thought it'd be good to check in with her. Plus, the association holds its annual Home Show this weekend at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center (10 am-5 pm Saturday March 9 and 10 am-4 pm Sunday March 10. Free. 201 W Marcy St., 955-6590). Get more info at santafehomeshow.com.

Why did you want to be director of the SFAHBA?

I have a long professional history working with homebuilders and within the construction industry in New Mexico. I served as Central New Mexico Homebuilders’ Association government affairs director for eight years, and then after that I was Construction Industries Division director. So I worked on the construction side and then on the regulatory side. I have a good understanding of working on both sides and finding the common ground around issues. I have always loved being part of the built environment not only because of the importance it has in our society now with home ownership, but also how important it is into our future.

What do you see in the future for Santa Fe's built environment?

I think that the builders here are thoughtful, whether it be with sustainability or affordability, and I know those are the two big issues. We have to continue addressing carefully as we move forward and build here in Santa Fe. There are a lot of ideas on the table with the current mayor … and I am looking forward to serving on some of those committees and trying to find solutions. Certainly we need to address the housing crisis that we have, and that is not just addressing affordability but getting homes built. We have, luckily, a lot of jobs coming into the area, especially in the labs, and so we need to find ways we can overcome some of these barriers.

You’ve got home show coming up. What can people expect to see there?  

It's a really great opportunity. … They will see remodelers showcasing some of their projects. They are competing for a best remodel, and those projects will be available. There will also be a lot of booths displaying different homes and home goods, whether it comes to kitchens or whatever somebody might interested in. If somebody has just bought a home it is a great place to go look and get ideas. One of the best features of the home show is there are Lego competitions for Santa Fe area public school kids.