Behold, the 11th annual Santa Fe Renaissance Faire cometh this weekend (10 am-5 pm Saturday and Sunday Sept. 15 and 16. $10-$12. 334 Los Pinos Road, 471-2261), and therein shall thee find fat turkey legs, chivalrous jousts, old-timey costumes the mysterious fairy village and a living freaking unicorn. We spoke with Victor Macias, event coordinator for El Rancho de las Golondrinas, the venue and "living museum" in which this fantastical event takes place.

Renaissance fairs are typically for nerds. What does this one offer people who aren't into renaissance festivals?

Our festival is very family-friendly. There's a lot of activities for families to do, many of which are educational. You also don't have to dress up—there are a lot of people who don't dress up. You don't have to dress up in a costume to see the joust or the fairy forest. Plenty of educational opportunities for everyone, you can really learn a lot about history here. There is also a lot a food, too, which is definitely a draw for some. Did I tell you about the train? Rio Metro has train service from Albuquerque to the 599 drop off. The blue bus will be picking people up from there and bringing them here. Other buses will pick people up from various parts of town, like the mall. The Rio Metro and blue buses have partnered up with us to pick people up who don't want to drive.

Food, turkey legs in particular, is a huge draw for the festival. Is there anything you're particularly excited about?

There's not just fair food. There are plenty of options and vendors at the festival. We have tacos, for example, which people don't usually expect. They're very popular too, there's always a long line, and tend to be the first to go. We do, of course, have turkey legs, but there's a lot of other vendors, too, and there's a lot of lighter food for those who don't want to eat turkey legs. We've also got vegetarian options, so everyone can feast.

There is a unicorn at the fairy forest. Is it real, and if so, how did you capture it?

The unicorn is very real. Her name is Zima, and she's beautiful. We did not capture her, she came in on her own. Everyone is allowed to come and pet her.